Carnegie Mellon University

The Tepper Show

Recent alumna Melissa Strome chats with various students and professors about the Tepper undergrad business experience.

Episode 1: What Are Clubs, Greek Life, and Classes Really Like at Tepper?

Melissa talks with UBA Junior Melanie Wang about Carnegie Mellon clubs, greek life, classes, and faculty.

Episode 2: Meet Tepper Professor Ben Moseley

UBA senior Melissa Strome talks with Operations Research Prof Ben Moseley about Ben's new course, how best to learn and teach in an online environment, and new COVID hobbies.

Episode 3: A Chat With Advisor Tara Trapani

Melissa and Tara talk about how business students can maximize their meetings with advisors.

Episode 4: How to Settle In, Enjoy Pittsburgh, Live on Campus During a Pandemic

Melissa and first-year Sam Strauss discuss settling into a new school, places to visit in Pittsburgh (free with your student ID!), getting around without a car, and living on campus during a pandemic.