Carnegie Mellon University
A photo of an instructor teaching a Tepper executive education class.

Business Leadership Endeavor

Our new Undergraduate Business Administration course sequence equips students with hands-on career readiness skills, enhancing students’ leadership abilities and effectiveness as a team player.

We know that leaders are made, not just born. At the Tepper School, we work alongside our undergraduate students as part of their transformation into leaders and global citizens.

Business Leadership Endeavor (BLE) is our new three-year course sequence designed to equip Undergraduate Business Administration students with core leadership competencies, encompassing both professional development and social responsibility skills.

BLE is different from other leadership development offerings. Students engage in organizational development and enterprise building as they progress through the Tepper School undergraduate business program. Through the sequence, students advance from intern to analyst to manager.

Much of BLE is driven by students; it provides ongoing opportunities for assuming ownership of the educational experience and demonstrating management skills in real time.

BLE students develop key leadership capabilities in six areas:

  • Self-reliance
  • Critical thinking
  • Network building
  • Collaboration
  • Innovative problem-solving
  • Global citizenship

The program provides students with progressive course credit throughout their undergraduate experience. Course responsibilities include personal development planning, ongoing self-assessment and future path portfolio sharing.

BLE cohort gatherings are also cohesively woven into the requirements, including networking with students, alumni and other leaders, as well as participating in community service projects.