Carnegie Mellon University

Jisoo Park

Jisoo Park

Ph.D. Student, Tepper School of Business

5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Areas of Study

Organizational Behavior and Theory


Jisoo Park is a Ph.D. Candidate in Organizational Behavior and Theory at the Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University. Her research examines various underlying processes of organizational learning, especially in the context of healthcare.


  • Carnegie Mellon University – MS (Organizational Behavior and Theory) - 2019
  • Cornell University – BA (Economics and Mathematics) - 2013


  • Organizational learning; vicarious learning; microfoundations of strategy



  1. Lee S., Park J., & Kilic A. Bridging Two Worlds: Application of Organizational Theory to Cardiac Surgery. Annals of Thoracic Surgery. Forthcoming.
  1. Argote L., Lee S., & Park J. Organizational Learning Processes and Outcomes: Major Findings and Future Research Directions. Management Science. Forthcoming.

Working Papers:

  1. *Lee S., & *Park J. Learning from Senior Colleagues' Failures but not from Junior Colleagues' Failures? Evidence from microdata on heart surgeons. * Denotes equal contribution
  1. Guo J., Argote L., Kush J., Fahrenkopf E., & Park J. The Effect of Endogenous versus Exogenous Network Positions on Transactive Memory Systems and Team Performance.

Research in Progress:  

  1. Is Failure Always the Mother of Success? Examination of Learning from Failure in the Context of Heart Surgeons (with Sunkee Lee). Manuscript writing in progress.
  1. How Does Accumulating Experience Slowly Affect Organizational Learning? Evidence from U.S. Hospitals (with Linda Argote and Jeremy Kahn). Data analysis in progress.
  1. The Role of Freelancers in the Adoption of New Practices in Organizations: Evidence from U.S. Hospitals. Data collection in progress.


Guest Lecturer:

- Organizational Behavior (Undergraduate, 2020)
  "New Research Directions on Organizational Learning"

Teaching Assistant:

- Organizational Learning (PhD, 2020)
- Statistical Decision Making (MBA, 2021)
- Organizational Learning and Strategic Management (MBA, 2019-2021)
- Corporate Strategy (MBA, 2019-2020)
- Managing Networks and Organizations (MBA, 2019-2020)
- Organizational Behavior (Undergraduate, 2019-2020)


  • Carnegie Mellon University Gerald R. Salancik Doctoral Fellowship Award, 2021