Carnegie Mellon University

MBA Course Request System

The policy and process in this section is for Carnegie Mellon (non-Tepper) Graduate Students requesting Tepper School MBA courses.

  • Graduate students are permitted to take a maximum of two Tepper graduate courses per mini
  • Graduate students may take a maximum of four Tepper graduate courses during his/her academic career
  • Graduate students must receive permission from their home school advisor (utilizing through the request system)
  • Graduate student musts have previously completed the prerequisites for the course they are interested in and receive written permission from the teaching faculty to register for or audit the course (email must be forwarded to
  • Dropping courses must be done during the Tepper School add/drop deadlines or a withdrawal form will be processed and a "W" will be recorded on the student's official transcript.
  • Graduate students on rosters and waitlists are expected to attend the first class session. Faculty reserve the right to drop students, who do not attend the first class meeting.

Registering for Tepper Courses  

Includes students taking Tepper courses for a grade, pass/fail and auditing a course. The Tepper School of Business requires that all students register for Tepper courses; sit-ins are not permitted. The Tepper School operates on a localized registration system, which is uploaded to the University system. Students should see the Tepper course on their University schedule within 2-3 business days after receiving email confirmation.