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February 11, 2020

Tuesday Tips: Thank Your (MBA) Valentine!

With Valentine’s Day approaching (and Galentine’s Day for any Parks and Rec fans!), I want to offer some advice for thanking your MBA Valentine.

While I doubt many of us have the time to make a construction-paper mailbox or send a cartoon Valentine’s card, there is something to be said for reaching out to those who have helped, mentored or guided you through the MBA application process (or are about to) and offering your warm wishes and gratitude.

Most likely, you have had guidance and support in your MBA application and admission process — or expect to if you are just beginning this journey. Whether your partner offered to read your essay, your supervisor gave feedback on your resume, or your mentor conducted a mock interview, I think there’s merit in making sure the people who were integral in your MBA admission preparation know that you are grateful! Treat them to dinner, write a personal note of thanks, or send some chocolates (it is Valentine’s Day after all!) and let them know how integral they have been/will be to your MBA admission process.

Those whom we surround ourselves with quickly become our personal and professional network, and this is certainly something you will experience in B-school. Your classmates can become some of your closest friends. They will be the ones you call to ask to prep for an interview. Your professors who offer their mentorship will be the resources you consult years from now when you want their expertise on a project.

A strong network is something that can continue to grow as you make this transition into an MBA program. While this growth is exciting, I would recommend that you blend it with your current network as well; after all, they are who helped get you where you are today.

Make sure that these people know how appreciated they are. Start by finding out their favorite type of chocolate! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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