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The Round Three Application Deadline Is Coming

March 04, 2019

The Round Three Application Deadline Is Coming

Hello from somewhat warm (or at least, not very cold!) and sunny Pittsburgh! While we are hard at work finishing the review of all of our round two applications, I wanted to take a moment to share that our round three application deadline is quickly approaching!

If you hadn’t heard, Punxsutawney Phil (Google him if you don’t know him!) told us a few weeks ago that we only had six more weeks of winter. As we look forward to consistently warmer weather, I want to share that we only have one more week until the round three application deadline! At this point in the year, we’ve got some really excited round one deposited students, some eager round two candidates hoping for admission, and now you – those still considering applying for Fall 2019 admission in round three.

As I’ve written this before (and it can’t be overstated), if you are planning to submit your application by March 7 for the round three deadline, make sure you’ve done a few things:

  • Read the application instructions. This is a comprehensive list of everything we need from you in order to ensure your application is complete and the Admissions Committee can begin their review – to note for this year, we have diploma and grading scale guides if you need a little extra help figuring out what we want.
  • Make sure your recommender knows the application deadline. Too often, I see applications that can’t be forwarded for review because the recommender hasn’t yet submitted. Let your recommender know to circle March 7 on her/his calendar in red pen.
  • Proofread, proofread, proofread. You’ve got your transcripts ready to upload, your GMAT score have been sent to us, and your recommender is ready to submit – now, make sure you’ve proofread your essay (we only require one) and your career goals. You want to put your best, most proofread foot forward.

As in all previous rounds, shortly after the application deadline, we will begin the first of several waves of interview invitations. Don’t sweat it if you aren’t among those who receive an early invitation. We send interview invitations all the way until a few days prior to the decision notification date. (We just sent out some round two interview invitations today.) Try to be patient and keep checking your email (even the junk mail folder).

Good luck with your application!

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