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Tuesday Tips

December 05, 2017

Tuesday Tips: Stay Calm

I write my tips to you today knowing that we are just a few days before releasing round one admission decisions. While this is an exciting time in our office, I certainly acknowledge that waiting for a decision can be nerve-wracking.

I also know that some of you are planning to apply in round two and may be nervous about the road ahead. (P.S.: The application deadline for round two is Jan. 4, so you still have plenty of time to prepare.) So, wherever you are in the admission process, I have some tips for keeping calm:

  • Be confident. Take heart in the preparation you took (or are taking) to submit your application and all of its components. We can tell the hard work you put into your application and promise that we are reviewing everything very thoroughly. 
  • Be prepared. We are still reaching out to candidates to invite them to interview, so don’t stop checking your email or answering your phone. Often, we are still conducting interviews a few days before we release decisions. Stay prepared and be ready if that invitation comes. (Read my previous Tuesday Tips for some interview notes!)
  • Be flexible. While I wish that we had the ability to admit every one of you, the reality is that sometimes we need some more time to assess the competitiveness of our applicant pool. As such, you may receive a waitlist decision for round one. That does not mean it’s the end of the Tepper road for you. We review (and possibly invite to interview) our waitlisted candidates in each new round, so stay engaged with the admission committee and keep us updated with anything regarding your candidacy. Just because we weren’t able to provide an admission decision in round one doesn’t mean we won’t be able to in future rounds!
  • Be present. This is a hard one for all of us! To get your mind off of the impending admission decision, take a walk, meet with friends or cook a good dinner — these are things you can control today. I promise that our admission committee takes our responsibility very seriously. We have enjoyed — and will enjoy if you plan to submit in round two — getting to know you through the application process, but we won’t show our cards before Dec. 13.

I hope that this helps you stay calm during this waiting period.

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