Carnegie Mellon University

Tenny Schwartz

Tenny Schwartz

Full-Time MBA Student, Class of 2021

Get to Know Tenny

"Prior to starting my MBA, I worked as a gas turbine (mechanical) engineer at Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Americas in Orlando, Florida.  I chose Tepper because I felt a strong connection with the quantitative focus since I approach many things in my personal life quantitatively. I also felt like I would not be losing my engineering background, but rather, incorporating it into a new and improved product, and applying it to solve a different set of problems.

"One of my favorite parts of Pittsburgh so far has been the Turkey Devonshire at Union Grill, and I am stoked to continue finding more amazing restaurants and dishes. During my application process, Tepper students and faculty made me feel like I was very desired and made me feel very comfortable every step of the way; that is one of the other reasons I decided to go here. I would like to give back to the next round of students and show them the same treatment given to me.

"I like to eat good food, work off the food playing sports, and just generally socialize with friends."

  • Concentrations: Finance, Business Technologies, Strategy
  • Hometown: Chennai, India
  • Post-MBA Career FocusCorporate Finance