Carnegie Mellon University

Vedika Narayanan

Vedika Narayanan

Full-Time MBA Student, Class of 2021

Get to Know Vedika

"Pre-MBA, I was in San Jose, California, working for a tech education company in Los Gatos. I worked for almost eight years before joining Tepper.

"When I was thinking about what school to go to, there were two major considerations for me – a program with a strong quantitative foundation, and a feeling of support and warmth from people in the program. Tepper is obviously known for the former, but the latter became so apparent through the application process. In hindsight, my decision to attend (if I got in) happened right after I got my interview invitation. From that point on, the admissions team was incredibly helpful in connecting me with students who answered my questions, and even asked if I wanted to chat to ask any questions about the interview process. Post-admission, everyone at Tepper was so tirelessly supportive through the onboarding process, and I felt an immediate connection with my peers.

"Pittsburgh is great because it has a small-town feel, but has so many amazing activities and places to go. The food is delicious and affordable and the people are so incredibly friendly. It was actually a big change to move from California to a place where everyone makes it a point to say hello and ask how you are doing."

  • Concentrations: Business Technologies, Strategy 
  • Hometown: Cupertino, California
  • ClubsBusiness & Technology Club, Consulting Club, Data Analytics Club, Design and Business Club
  • Post-MBA Career Focus: Management Consulting