Carnegie Mellon University

Nicholas Hamil

Nicholas Hamil

Full-Time MBA Student, Class of 2021

Get to Know Nicholas

"Prior to coming to Tepper I was a Business Intelligence Analyst working for Cerner Corporation, a large Healthcare IT Company based in Kansas City, Missouri. I am personally really interested in the data and analytics side of work and decided to come to Tepper to further that skill as well as work on my leadership attributes through the Accelerate Leadership Center. Personally I love Pittsburgh, it feels much more like a "real" city compared to Kansas City (let alone my hometown of 7,000 people) and even though it isn't population-wise that big of a city it feels much more like one because it's so condensed and so neighborhood based. In terms of fun facts I've broken an arm on three seperate occasions, am a Certified Professional in Tableau Desktop and know a smattering of Swedish."

  • Concentrations: Business Technologies, Economics, Finance, Operations Management, Organizational Behavior
  • TrackEnergy Business
  • Hometown: Marshall, MI
  • Clubs: Data Analytics Club, Energy and Clean Tech Club, Graduate Finance Club (GFA), Healthcare Club (BioPharma), Operations & General Management Club (OGM), Organizational Leadership Club, Strategy Games Club, Wine Club
  • Post-MBA Career Focus: Energy; General Mangement: Leadership Development Programs