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Image of Held Together by Rachel Mica Weiss

September 03, 2019

New Accelerate Leadership Center Emergence Exhibit Installed

Noelle Wiker

Emergence: Held Together by Rachel Mica Weiss explores human relationships and boundaries.

This fall, the Accelerate Leadership Center, partnered with the Miller Institute for Contemporary Art, unveiled a new art exhibit for Emergence, a rotating art installation series in the Tepper School of Business MBA Commons. Titled “Held Together,” this sculptural exhibition created by artist Rachel Mica Weiss explores human relationships and boundaries — both physical and psychological.

Emergence launched last year as part of Accelerate’s SHIFT programming, a series of interdisciplinary initiatives created to foster the development of empathy, ethical judgment, critical thinking, and cultural sensitivity as an elective supplement to the center’s required MBA leadership curriculum. “These exhibitions are meant to spark conversation and support in MBA students a greater sense of self and others,” said Leanne Meyer, Executive Director of the Accelerate Leadership Center. 

Held Together exhibit

Each exhibit includes discussion questions intended to prompt new ways of viewing and analyzing the artwork. “One of the goals of the Emergence project is to give students a space to enter into low-stakes debate with each other and practice learning how to articulate their reasons for disagreeing – something they will have to do in the workplace – but to do so in an environment where no one has anything to lose,” said Michelle Stoner, Project Lead.

“These exhibitions are meant to spark conversation and support in MBA students a greater sense of self and others.”

In addition to Emergence, SHIFT includes interactive workshops, guided dialogues, and a collaborative literature analysis. “Leaders typically do not prioritize developing empathy over more technical skills,” Meyer said. “This programming infuses empathy-building our leadership curriculum to encourage our MBA students to consider others’ perspectives in their decision-making.” The programming is supported by funding from Robert and Cindy Citrone, whose son, Nick, is a 2016 alumnus of the undergraduate business administration program.  

Held Together

Weiss’ sculptures highlight her focus on transforming materials to challenge assumptions and expectations about material integrity. In this exhibit, she brings together material and visual languages to give form to the boundaries that define us and to demonstrate aspects of the human condition.

Emergence: Held Together will be introduced at an opening reception on Tuesday, Sept. 10 at 6 p.m. in the Tepper Quad MBA Commons.

Held Together