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November 25, 2019

INFORMS Honors Tepper Operations Management Research With Best Working Paper Recognition

Working paper co-authored by Alan Scheller-Wolf and Soo-Haeng Cho earns recognition during the INFORMS annual meeting.

The Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences held its annual meeting this fall, where Tepper School researchers were recognized with several awards for their work.

A paper co-authored by Tepper faculty members Soo-Haeng Cho, Associate Professor of Operations Management, and Alan Scheller-Wolf, Richard M. Cyert Professor of Operations Management, Senior Associate Dean of Faculty and Research earned a Best Working Paper Award from the INFORMS Technology, Innovation Management, and Entrepreneurship Section.

TIMES Best Working Paper

Xin Wang (Ph.D. 2016), Assistant Professor at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology whom Cho and Scheller-Wolf co-advised during his doctoral studies at the Tepper School, was the lead author on “Green Technology Development and Adoption: Competition, Regulation, and Uncertainty — A Global Game Approach,” which earned Best Working Paper from the INFORMS Technology, Innovation Management, and Entrepreneurship Section. TIMES is concerned with research in technology management, such as management of research and development, organizational change, strategy, and product development.

The winning paper, forthcoming in the journal Management Science, established a model for predicting how likely a stricter environmental standard will be adopted voluntarily by firms in affected industries. The likelihood is affected by how beneficial marketing about a new technology will be for the firm and how strict the enforcement of policy is. The researchers find that when regulators account for voluntary adoption, they can more effectively foster development of a new green technology. 

A panel of experts evaluated research submissions on how innovative the papers were and how it might impact the theory and practice of technology management, product or process innovation, business model innovation, new product development, or entrepreneurship.

“We are pleased that our research was recognized by TIMES as innovative and impactful work,” Cho said. “The paper is significant because of the timeliness of a topic focused on sustainable business practices and the novelty of our model, which is based on a recently developed game framework in the field of economics.”