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sridhar tayur

May 02, 2019

Tepper School Faculty Sridhar Tayur Named University Professor

Carnegie Mellon University announced that Sridhar Tayur, Ford Distinguished Research Chair and Professor of Operations Management, has been named a Carnegie Mellon University Professor. Academic leaders at Carnegie Mellon and the community of University Professors nominated Sridhar because of the international recognition his work has garnered and the significant contributions he has made to education, research, and the welfare of society.

Earning the title of University Professor is the highest designation a professor can receive at Carnegie Mellon and reflects exceptional commitment to academic excellence.

“Sridhar’s contribution to the field of Operations Management has been widely recognized and his work in social entrepreneurship has made significant advancements in the field of organ transplants,” said Tepper School Dean, Bob Dammon. “We are thrilled for Sridhar to join the distinguished community of University Professors and look forward to his continued success.”

“In addition to his personal research achievements, Sridhar has a distinguished record of graduating students who have themselves become leaders in the field of Operations Management,” said Alan Scheller-Wolf, Senior Associate Dean of Research and Professor of Operations Research. “Sridhar has been an invaluable member of the Tepper School community and mentor to several faculty members here, and I am thrilled that he is being recognized for his many achievements.” 

“I enjoy inventing imaginative solutions to important problems – whether in global supply chains to combat strategic counterfeiters, or in healthcare, for instance, in organ donation and transplantation – with the use of elegant mathematical models and creative analysis of data,” Sridhar Tayur said. “The culture of the Tepper School, and Carnegie Mellon more broadly, is a happy result of not having disciplinary boundaries constrain faculty research, which has enabled me to implement my solutions in the real-world and push the frontiers of technology and analytics, such as in the area of quantum computing.”

Sridhar joins three other CMU faculty members in this year’s class of University Professors: Peter Cooke, Head of the School of Drama; Neil Donahue, Lord Professor of Chemistry in the Departments of Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, and Engineering and Public Policy; and Sara Kiesler, Hillman Professor Emerita of Computer Science and Human Computer Interaction.  

Each new University Professor will be recognized formally during CMU’s Commencement ceremony on Sunday May 19.