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May 21, 2019

Tepper School Graduates Recognized at 2019 Diploma Ceremonies

During the 2019 undergraduate and graduate diploma ceremonies for the Tepper School of Business on May 18 and 19, graduating students were recognized for their academic achievements and service to the school. Additionally, faculty members were honored by the undergraduate economics, undergraduate business administration, and MBA programs for excellence in teaching.

Faculty Awards

  • Richard M. Cyert Excellence in Teaching Award — Selman Erol, Assistant Professor of Economics
  • Gerald L. Thompson Excellence in Teaching Award — V. Emily Stark, Assistant Teaching Professor of Business Communication
  • George Leland Bach Excellence in Teaching Award — Brandy Aven, Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior and Theory
    • This award for outstanding classroom instruction is given to a faculty member chosen by the graduating MBA class from a list of faculty nominees.

Ph.D. Awards

  • William W. Cooper Doctoral Dissertation Award in Management or Management Science — Shunyuan Zhang
    • “A Structural Analysis of Sharing Economy Leveraging Location and Image Analytics Using Deep Learning”
  • Herbert A. Simon Doctoral Dissertation Award in Behavioral Research in the Administrative Sciences — Phong Truong
    • “Essays on Financial Analysts, Auditors, and Industry Peers”
  • 2019 Gerald L. Thompson Doctoral Dissertation Award in Management Science — Nam Ho-Nguyen and Dabeen Lee
    • Ho-Nguyen: “Models and Efficient Algorithms for Convex Optimization Under Uncertainty”
    • Lee: “Cutting Planes and Integrality of Polyhedra: Structure and Complexity”

MBA Awards

  • Robert Sullivan Distinguished Community Service Award — Trey Thompson
  • Yuji Ijiri Award for Excellence in Accounting — Greg Mitseas
  • John R. Thorne Entrepreneurship Award — Grant Vandenbussche
  • Tepper School of Business Award for Academic Excellence in Finance — Panagiotis Bourtsalas
  • Tepper School of Business Award for Academic Excellence in Marketing — Surya Kapur
  • Accelerate Award for Excellence in Organizational Behavior, Communication, and Leadership — Rebecca George
  • Edward R. Mosier Award for Excellence in Production Operations — Laura Mechala Chan
  • Francis G. Walker Award for Academic Excellence in Strategic Planning — Deeona Deoki
  • Outstanding Academic Achievement Award — John Campion
  • Elliot Dunlap Smith Award for Excellence — Keller Durkin
  • 2019 Outstanding Teaching Assistants — Aashay Doshi, Barbara Galvanek, Katherine Glass, Karan Gupta, Karthik Sudhakar, Leonid Katsman, Lilia Makaeva, Eleanor Mueller, John Reim, Reza Ridwan, Benjamin Strickhouser, Kimberly Turner, and Andrew Walizer

MSCF Awards

These students graduated and received their awards in December 2018.

  • Academic Excellence in Finance — Ze Yang
  • Academic Excellence in Information Technology — Mingxuan Wu
  • Academic Excellence in Statistics — Mingxuan Wu
  • Academic Excellence in Mathematics — Li Yan and Zhongyang Li
  • MSCF Distinguished Service Award — Jordan Giebas, Eloy Lanau Rosello, and Elizabeth Sumner

Undergraduate Business Awards

  • Outstanding Academic Achievement Award — Kathryn Anderson and Rui Hu
  • Distinguished Service to the Undergraduate Business Administration Program — Tyler Davis
  • Outstanding Student in Business Administration — Angela Huang

Undergraduate Economics Awards

  • Outstanding Academic Achievement Award — Gordon Wissinger
  • Distinguished Service to the Undergraduate Economics Program — Gordon Wissinger
  • Distinguished Service to the University — Seth Henry
  • Outstanding TA Award — Gordon Wissinger
  • Best Senior Project — Emma Frenchu, Seth Henry, Mayowa Osinowo, and Gordon Wissinger - Determinants of Telemedicine Adoption

  • Best Honors Thesis — Jiyoung Kim - How Important are the Interregional Moving Costs in Explaining Wage Inequality?

  • Omicron Delta Epsilon Honor Society Inductees — Samuel Bolig, Mike Cheng, Anushka Dhyani, Allysa Dong, Selina Du, Zeyan Du, Ryanne Ege, Wenyi Fei, Amelia Gilson, Shlok Goyal, Brandon Hao, Noopura Herle, David Hua, Eric Huang, Rahul Iyer, Arnav Jain, Hanyu Jiang, Jiyoung Kim, Yedin Lui, Stacey Lum, Ally Moon, Ashvin Niruttan, Jae Ho Rhee, Jules Ross, Evan Schindewolf, Yuyuan Shao, Jia Shi, Neha Srivastava, Minjung Suh, Adam Tucker, Deepak Vanjani, Shwetha Venkatesh, Andrew Wissinger, Gordon Wissinger, Xinni Wu, Chong Xu, Shenheng Xu, Megan Yelsangikar
  • Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society Inductees — Amelia Gilson, Eric Huang, Jules Ross, Qian Sha, Xinni Wu
  • Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society Inductees — Brandan Hao, Hanyu Jiang, Jules Ross, Qian Sha, Xinni Wu