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Tepper School students in Tepper t-shirts

October 03, 2018

Tepper School Launches New Brand

We live forever forward, embrace the breakthrough builders, and fuel them with enterprising ingenuity. Our future is boundless.

The Tepper School of Business is defined by an aspirational vision for the future of business education and research. We pride ourselves on not just keeping pace with the changing needs of business, but anticipating and contributing to that change through innovative ideas and creative solutions. Our intellectual leadership and unique brand of management education have particular relevance and importance for today’s business world. The distinctive nature of our approach shapes the Tepper School’s new brand identity launch.

“The Tepper School has always been at the forefront of business education and research,” Dean Robert Dammon said. “Our new brand identity does not change our distinctive approach; rather, it has been specifically developed to reflect our strategic direction as the business school of the future, pioneering the interdisciplinary approach needed to meet today’s business challenges that fall outside the traditional boundaries of academic disciplines.”

See the video below to learn how the Tepper School is implementing a brand that is boundless.

The same drivers behind the brand identity are those that have shaped the Tepper School’s strategic plan. The Tepper School has a reputation for research and education excellence that sits at the intersection of business, technology, and analytics, paving the way for innovators and entrepreneurs to shape business and the world at large. These same distinctions form the foundation of the Tepper School’s brand story.

At the same time, the Tepper School has moved to our new home on the Tepper Quadrangle, located at the center of campus. This physical shift represents a manifestation of the interdisciplinary nature of management education and research, cementing the philosophical and literal connections between the Tepper School and the broader Carnegie Mellon University community. These connections are represented in the graphical elements of the brand, wrapping the Tepper School’s visual identity within the Carnegie Mellon brand.

The new brand story has been developed with the assistance of VSA Partners, an integrated marketing and strategy agency. VSA conducted an extensive study incorporating opinions from Tepper School and Carnegie Mellon faculty, staff, students, and alumni, as well as a quantitative and qualitative review of peer institutions and industry leaders. The resulting brand represents what community members articulated as the Tepper School’s primary differentiators that can enhance its visibility among academic peers.