Carnegie Mellon University

Tepper undergraduate students who attended What is Consulting 101

March 13, 2018

Alumni Present “What is Consulting 101” for Undergraduate Business and Economics Programs

Undergraduate students are often faced with a myriad of options once they’ve graduated. To assist students who are interested in consulting and provide a thorough understanding of what exactly to expect post-graduation, the Tepper School of Business’s Undergraduate Business Administration and Economics programs facilitated a three session consulting conference titled “What is Consulting 101,” featuring three of the most prominent consulting groups: IBM, Accenture and Deloitte.

Panelists in the three sessions featured alumni from across Carnegie Mellon University’s campus. Throughout the conference, IBM, Accenture and Deloitte broke down the differences between strategy versus technology consulting, shared what led them to consulting and why they continue to work in the field.

IBM presented students with a high level overview of consulting, digging into what makes a good consultant and what the day-to-day experiences is like.

“Consulting is really unique in the fact that we work and care about our user,” Nancy Geronian (TPR ‘13) who is speaking from her views only, said. “Our user is the client and their customers and we’re always thinking about who we’re solving problems for...It’s exciting to solve those problems.”

In her day-to-day life as a senior strategy consultant in the Energy & Utilities industry within IBM’s Communications Sector, Geronian is always traveling. She spends much of her time in Seattle, but continues to call Pittsburgh her home. Additionally, Geronian engages with students as the Carnegie Mellon IBM recruiting lead.

Jesse Lu (UBA ‘19), an executive member of the Undergraduate Consulting Club, attended the Accenture presentation and recognized the importance of this event for undergraduate students.

“As of now, consulting is kind of a buzzword that a lot of students are interested in but don’t really know much about it,” Lu said. “It’s really helpful for undergraduates to be face to face with these high level managers from established companies to get practical insight on what the day-to-day really is like, and how versatile people’s backgrounds are from every discipline and major which allows for them to have a unique impact in consulting.”

Lu enjoyed Accenture’s presentation which focused specifically on the flexibility of consulting and the opportunities available in the future.

“Accenture’s presentation had a few key points: they had a high level overview of the industry and got really specific in breaking down the opportunities first-year analysts have and insight into the projects they’re working on,” Lu said.

During the final session of the day, Deloitte presented students with a workshop to understand the hiring process. Deloitte emphasized to students that they need to hone their skills to think aloud and develop logical approaches to unique case problems.

Over 80 total students attend the conference cosponsored by the Undergraduate Consulting Club and the Career and Professional Development Center.