Carnegie Mellon University


June 06, 2018

Countdown to the Tepper Quad

The David A. Tepper Quadrangle, or Tepper Quad, future home to the Tepper School of Business, will celebrate its grand opening on September 13. As the construction finishes and the dust settles, students, faculty and staff are preparing to move across Forbes Avenue.

More Serendipitous Encounters

“The building appears to be a great mix of large, open spaces that will facilitate interactions among faculty and between faculty and students, and smaller, private office spaces in which people can focus on their work,” said Nicholas Muller, Associate Professor of Economics, Engineering, and Public Policy; Lester and Judith Lave Development Chair in Economics, Engineering, and Public Policy.

Tepper Quad June 2018

The Tepper Quad will add the 315,000 square feet state-of-the-art building to Carnegie Mellon University’s campus. In addition to the business school classrooms and offices, the Tepper Quad will also hold a 600-seat auditorium, a University Welcome Center, a Café and Coffee Bar and a Fitness Center.

“The new building creates more opportunities for serendipitous encounters and zones to have side chats,” said Brandy Aven, Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior and Theory. “Serendipitous encounters or interactions are a large component of creative collaboration. One thing that makes the Tepper School unique is as faculty, we do not sit in our groups. This was intentional to foster interdisciplinary collaboration and keep groups from becoming silos.”

The Entire CMU Community Will Benefit

Throughout the building there will be many different areas for professors and students to teach, learn and work together in unique ways. Sridhar Tayur, Ford Distinguished Research Chair; Professor of Operations Management, feels that while this expansion will benefit business majors significantly, it might also contribute to the growth of other departments at CMU.

Tepper Quad - June 2018

“This could perhaps indirectly impact our research by making a new class of collaborations possible, as this new space is not just for Tepper School of Business but also serves as a hub for entrepreneurial initiatives for folks across the CMU campus,” Tayur said.

The Tepper Quad will host a grand opening celebration on September 13 and 14, 2018. Once it opens, it will only be a matter of time until the entire community benefits from the new space.

“Our larger space will hopefully encourage greater interactions not only amongst the Tepper faculty but also with the CMU community at large,” Aven said. “I am also excited about being closer to Oakland. This proximity will hopefully span more collaborations with other institutions, such as Pitt and the Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh.”
Tepper Quad