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quinn zsido

July 13, 2017

Internship Profile: Quinn Zsido

“To get yourself your dream job, you have to get yourself an internship first.”

Quinn Zsido
 is convinced the best place for him is among varying personalities in an ever-changing environment. As a strategy consultant intern at Goodwill of Southwestern Pennsylvania this summer, he has the chance to do just that.

A Tepper School undergraduate business administration junior concentrating in marketing, with minors in Arabic and decision science, and outside linebacker with the CMU Tartans, Zsido chose this internship after a fellow teammate on the football team referred him.

Zsido’s day-to-day internship tasks move him across Southwestern Pennsylvania to assist in the creation of job placements and to ensure effective communication between different departments of the companies.

“One moment I am on-site in a recyclables processing plant, hard hat and glasses on with notepad in hand; next I am interviewing a C-level executive back at the office forming common threads between those notes and carving out the next best workforce opportunity,” Zsido said. “I have been dealt a great deal of responsibility as the position puts me at the forefront of the solution, but that just makes the opportunity more exciting.”

Tepper School undergraduate students are often recruited for part- or full-time internships from organizations across the country, giving them a competitive advantage when they graduate because of the skills they learned both in and outside the classroom.

“Internships are an important part of the Tepper student experience. Students gain valuable real world experience applying and implementing the concepts and tools they learn at Carnegie Mellon,” Burton Hollifield, head of the Undergraduate Business Administration Program, said. “Employers and graduate schools now highly value students with such experiences.”

Zsido agrees that the Tepper School’s focus on real world skills has helped him in his internship since he uses both analytical and communication skills daily.

“Tepper really pushed those skills, and it goes a long way. It doesn’t matter how talented you are; if you can’t communicate or network, you can’t break that barrier,” Zsido said. “The Goodwill organization is a vastly influential body of help across the U.S., particularly here in Southwestern Pennsylvania. That influence and expansion comes with a cost, however. The larger the organization, the harder it is to communicate and place all participants effectively.”

Balancing Act

“Tepper is one of top business schools in the world where I can pursue any and all of my passions with expert guidance and with the best business students in the world,” Zsido said.

Juggling all of his interests can be challenging. Between football practices and games during the academic year, Zsido finds time for the Student-Athlete Advisory Council and the Undergraduate Marketing Club, and he serves as the co-president of the Arabic Student Organization.

Zsido decided to join Carnegie Mellon’s football team after meeting with coach Rich Lackner at a recruitment camp in high school. He decided to stay because of the “brotherhood” community.

“The football community is going to provide you with not only a professional network, but a nice social network,” Zsido said. “Having a group of guys around you that are excelling at all aspects of their life makes you want to do the same.”

Aside from football and his studies, Zsido enjoys the interdisciplinary social community of Carnegie Mellon.

“I love heading to different school events and partaking in the communicative nerdiness and/or cultures. Star Wars movie marathon in McConomy Auditorium? You know I’ll be there. School of Drama mainstage? Haven’t missed one since the fall of freshman year. You get it all at CMU, assuming you’re willing to go out and find it,” Zsido said.

As for a dream job, Zsido hopes to combine his major, minors and experiences at Carnegie Mellon to find a marketing or consulting job in the Middle East. One of seven siblings, Zsido has never stepped foot outside of the United States, but hopes his experience studying at CMU-Qatar next spring can be a stepping stone for his future.