Carnegie Mellon University

Professor Richard Young

December 12, 2017

Professor Richard Young's New Textbook Wins Association for Business Communication's Distinguished Publication Award

Richard O. Young, Teaching Professor of Business Management Communication at the Tepper School of Business, received the Association for Business Communication’s Distinguished Publication Award for his recently released textbook. The award recognizes an outstanding article, essay or book that has made a substantial contribution to the discipline of business communication.

Young’s winning textbook, titled “Persuasive Communication: How Audiences Decide, 2nd ed.,” provides students with an in-depth introduction to communications topics, such as persuasion and decision making, while also sharing several sample document and presentation examples. Based on extensive empirical research, Young delves into a thorough analysis of audiences to inform readers why different audiences arrive at decisions and ways to influence them. Young said the book serves as a scientific and up-to-date approach to persuasion for students.

“This textbook was created to provide students with a scholarly resource that stays true to real-world scenarios they can use when communicating in their careers,” Young said. “I was personally surprised by how much science has contributed to the art of rhetoric, but I believe this provides students with a comprehensive source to best understand their audiences.”

Young was presented with the award at the Association for Business Communication’s 82nd annual international conference in Dublin, Ireland.

Young received his Ph.D. in Rhetoric from Carnegie Mellon in 1989 with a dissertation on the cognitive processes of expert and novice management consultants and their clients. Young is a regular presenter at national conferences on business communication. His current research focus is cybersecurity expertise and the shared mental models of cybersecurity teams.