Carnegie Mellon University

Tepper Ph.D. Presidential Fellows

December 20, 2017

Carnegie Mellon University Awards Presidential Fellowships in the Tepper School of Business

Three outstanding doctoral students in the Tepper School of Business have been recognized for the Carnegie Mellon University Presidential Fellowship Awards.

The 2017-18 Presidential Fellowship Award recipients from the Tepper School include: 

  • Elizabeth L. Campbell (Organizational Behavior)
  • Alessandro Iorio (Organizational Behavior)
  • Zijun Shi (Marketing)

The Carnegie Mellon Presidential Fellowships & Scholarships program was established in 2015 to recognize outstanding graduate scholars from across campus. Nominees are chosen by the deans of CMU’s seven colleges, and final selections are made in a process overseen by the university’s interim-provost.

“I feel so fortunate to be awarded the Presidential Fellowship. My research interests broadly focus on gender and career advancement. One project I am currently working on explores and documents gender differences in sponsorship as opposed to mentorship. Understanding sponsorship differences between men and women is important to identify implications in varying promotion rates and career trajectories between genders, and why we still see so few women in top management positions,” said Elizabeth Campbell. “The Presidential Fellowship will help fund my research in this area, as well as cover costs associated with attending conferences where I will be presenting my research.”

“I investigate issues in marketing for areas such as branding, pricing and media impact on consumer decision,” said Zijun Shi. “It is my honor to be awarded the fellowship. I am very encouraged that my research projects are valued and supported through this funding.” 

“I'm fascinated by the broad interdisciplinary training the business school provides and am excited to be part of a business school with an impressive legacy and tradition, including nine Nobel Laureates and numerous theories that have fundamentally influenced how everyone thinks and sees the world,” said Alessandro Iorio. “Winning the award and joining past recipients who have been extremely successful makes me more energized and charged up to take up new challenges and projects. The award will also provide me with additional research funds that will be extremely important for the success of my research and to the advancement of our society.”

Congratulations to these outstanding Ph.D. students!