Carnegie Mellon University
August 08, 2017

Tepper School Welcomes the MBA Class Of 2019 to the BaseCamp Orientation Program

Each August, the Tepper School of Business welcomes the incoming class of MBA candidates for the Tepper School’s BaseCamp, a three-week program that prepares them for success in their Tepper MBA program and their summer internship search. The first class that will graduate in the new Tepper Quad, the class of 2019, arrived this week for their first BaseCamp activities.

From the moment BaseCamp begins, students are immersed in the learning environment aimed to teach a variety of skills. It features a variety of sessions on ethics, diversity and other team-building skills and serves as a launchpad for the students’ involvement with the Accelerate Leadership Center — the Tepper School’s premier leadership development program that focuses on assessment, reflection, action and growth.

During BaseCamp, students participate in modules that explore the various functional areas of the Tepper MBA program, including operations, marketing, finance, consulting and entrepreneurship. They also address the students’ mathematics mastery, leadership and networking.

The modules assist students in career planning to give them an understanding of their options for internships and employment. Throughout the program they listen to presentations given by faculty, alumni and the Career Opportunities Center.

The highlight of the BaseCamp program is Tepper Team Day, held at Camp Guyasuta in Sharpsburg, Pennsylvania. Tepper Team Day is a team-building day consisting of a series of low-course and high-course activities including rope courses, obstacle courses, zip lines and more. It is aimed to challenge students in a choice environment while working on their thinking, decision-making and leadership skills.

The students also take part in TepperCares, a community service day generously sponsored by PwC.