Carnegie Mellon University

Megan Yelsangikar

August 01, 2017

Internship Profile: Megan Yelsangikar

Megan Yelsangikar wanted her summer to be different, working somewhere and learning skills she couldn’t have imagined last summer. Now as a product analytics intern at the online thrift store thredUP, she’s fully submerged in a data-driven work environment incorporating her skills to offer recommendations to better serve the customer experience.

“I'm passionate about social entrepreneurship, so I knew I wanted to work at a company that aligned with that interest,” Yelsangikar said. “Thus, thredUP's commitment to promoting sustainability and conscious shopping was quite close to my heart.”

Creative and Analytical

Yelsangikar, a Tepper School economics junior with a minor in business administration from Cupertino, California, has the opportunity to share her ideas through projects working with company suppliers.

“This internship is a great fit for me because I get to simultaneously wear my analytical and creative thinking caps, using data to formulate and recommend implementations to positively affect the customer experience,” Yelsangikar said. “I feel lucky that I have the opportunity to work here this summer.”

Located in San Francisco and founded in 2009, thredUP is a secondhand clothing company that prides itself of being the “largest online consignment and thrift store.”

“ThredUP strives to redefine the way people shop by making secondhand shopping easy and accessible. It's a super cool company with a great mission and culture,” Yelsangikar said.

Carnegie Mellon’s Internship Resources

Yelsangikar found her internship through CareerShift, a subscription-based job aggregation website provided through the university.

“I just typed in a few keywords to filter the job descriptions, and thredUP appeared,” Yelsangikar said. “I emailed with the recruiter for a bit, did a couple rounds of interviews, and lo and behold, here I am, sitting on a very comfortable couch in their beautiful San Francisco office!”

Many Tepper School undergraduate students find internships with online tech startup companies to be valuable.

“Internships allow students to develop their technical, emotional and social intelligences in a workplace setting,” said Kevin Monahan, associate dean for career and professional development.

Through working with her team at thredUP, Yelsangikar has been able to discover new passions and skills and enhance the skills she’s learned at the Tepper School.

“In addition to the developmental aspect of internships, these experiences help students understand the world of work — what roles they enjoy, tasks where they excel, work settings they prefer,” Monahan said. “This knowledge base allows students to be better participants in future employment searches.”

After the Internship

On campus, Yelsangikar is involved in the Global Business Brigades, is an active sister of Alpha Phi and works two jobs. After her internship ends in August, Yelsangikar will move back to campus to finish out her summer as an orientation counselor, helping first-year students feel at home in Pittsburgh.

“I love the idea of meeting the freshmen and making their experience better,” Yelsangikar said. “I had such a great experience with my orientation counselors and I really wanted to do that with the first-years.”

Yelsangikar hopes to bring her new experiences from thredUP in San Francisco to Pittsburgh and to her classes at the Tepper School to make her next summer even better.