Carnegie Mellon University
December 14, 2015

Carnegie Mellon Tepper School of Business Grows Commitment to Women with ‘Leadership for Women’ Initiative

New Executive Education Portfolio to Include Leadership for Emerging Women, Networking Workshop, Customized Courses

Developing outstanding women, from executives to future leaders, requires an evolutionary process such as the newly created Carnegie Mellon Leadership for Women initiative: a slate of programs to help women to succeed on every rung of the career ladder, and to exceed personal and organizational growth objectives.

The initiative’s administrators announced today that the Carnegie Mellon Tepper School of Business has expanded the initial businesswomen offerings under its Executive Education unit from a single course to a variety of programs starting in 2015-16. While its mission remains the same as when the original Carnegie Mellon Leadership and Negotiation Academy for Executive Women was introduced four years ago – to address the unique challenges faced by today’s women executives – officials are growing their portfolio to contain more and diverse opportunities and course offerings for junior, senior and C-level women.

In addition to continuing the fourth-year Leadership and Negotiation Academy, the overall, expanded Leadership for Women portfolio now will include:

  • Women on the Rise: Leadership for Emerging Women
  • Building Networks of Influence workshop
  • Custom programs for organizations that involve Negotiation Masterclass, Women’s Leadership, and more.

“At first, four years ago, Carnegie Mellon began meeting the needs of women in negotiating and leadership roles, but we have to continue to nurture and cultivate in areas that will help to mentor, network and possibly bridge pay gaps or lapses in board composition,” said Leanne Meyer, program director.

“We are planting a foot in Pittsburgh and beyond, declaring that we are committed to developing women leaders at all levels of managerial responsibility and at different stages on their leadership journey. It’s also vital for us to signal loudly and clearly that we are creating development opportunities for career and personal growth, and sharing our stories together – be it from formal classroom programs to networking events.”

Meyer made the formal announcement at a networking event Dec. 14 on campus.