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Is It Time for an Algorithm Bill of Rights? These Analysts Think So

Features Tae Wan Kim, Associate Professor of Business Ethics


July 26, 2021: Should Hybrid Workers Do Deep Work At Home And Creative Tasks At The Office? Not Necessarily...

Consumer Affairs

July 23, 2021: Circle K Jumps Into Cryptocurrency by Rolling Out a Huge Bitcoin ATM Network

New York Times

July 23, 2021: Crypto Nomads: Surfing the World for Risk and Profit

Find MBA

July 22, 2021: Top 10 Online MBA Programs for Residential Modules

Find MBA

July 22, 2021: Top 10 Online MBA Programs for Entrepreneurship


July 21, 2021: Tech Can’t Solve Death. But Startups Increasingly Want To Help With What Comes After


Jul 21, 2021: Now That Giannis Antetokounmpo Has an NBA Title, Here’s How Much Money He Could Make


July 10, 2021: Don't Ignore the Psychological Effects of Requiring Masks In the Workplace


July 9, 2021: How Biden's Proposed Ban On Non-Compete Agreements Would Impact Companies

US News and World Report

July 8, 2021: 45 MBA Programs That Train Well-Paid Consultants

Find MBA

July 5, 2021: Can an Online MBA Make People Better Entrepreneurs?

Business Insider

July 7, 2021: It Doesn’t Matter if Congress Breaks Up Facebook — The Company Already Has All of Your Data

Boston Globe

July 3, 20201: The Following Asteroid Collision Is Only a Test

Poets & Quants

July 3, 2021: MBAs to Watch: Class of 2021

Tech Crunch

July 2, 2021: CMU’s President Discusses How Pittsburgh Is Building — and Retaining — High-Tech Startups

Washington Post

June 30, 2021: Why Are My Loyalty Points Worth Less This Summer?

Pittsburgh Business Times

June 29, 2021: CMU Study: Compressed Natural Gas Could Ease Polar Vortex Gas Woes


June 29, 2021: This Should Be a Boom Time for Restaurants. But Owners—and the Few Workers Remaining—Are Struggling

Information Week

June 24, 2021: The CIO's Role in Maintaining a Strong Supply Chain


June 24, 2021: College Athletes Are Ready To Reap The Rewards Of A Billion-Dollar NIL Market. Opendorse Is Here To Help.


June 23, 2021: Five Biggest Surprises of Online MBA Programs

Huffington Post

June 21, 2021: Here's Why Your Next Work Meeting Should Not Be a Zoom Call


June 21, 2021: NCAA Amateurism Is Effectively Dead, and the Association Itself May Not Be Far Behind


June 11, 2021: How Buying a House Can Hedge Against Inflation

June 10, 2021: The Taxman Cometh

Wall Street Journal

June 10, 2021: How Videoconferences Make It Harder for Employees to Collaborate

The Economist

June 10, 2021: How America Inc Is Coping With Rising Inflation


June 9, 2021: The Dave App Promises Low-Cost Cash Advances—What's the Catch?

Washington Post

June 9, 2021: These Car Rental Alternatives Will Get You There This Summer


June 8, 2021: How Covid-19 Boosted Private School Enrollment Forever

MIT Sloan Review

June 8, 2021: Fighting Backlash to Racial Equity Efforts


June 7, 2021: Investors See Possible El Salvador Bitcoin Embrace as Too Little to Move Market


June 7, 2021: Why Presenteeism Wins Out Over Productivity

Coin Telegraph

June 6, 2021: GBTC Premium Stays Negative, Suggests Bitcoin Price Sentiment Still Low?

USA Today

June 4, 2021: Here Come the Summer Vacation Rental Fees. Which Ones Are Legit and Which Are Robbery?

information week

June 3, 2021: Preparing for the Upcoming Quantum Computing Revolution

Pittsburgh Business Times

June 1, 2021: CMU Launches Racial Equity Course for Business Leaders


May 26, 2021: What Does It Take To Get Us To Try Something New?


May 25, 2021: One Year Later: How Companies Have Responded to George Floyd's Murder

Washington Post

May 25, 2021: Don’t Let Forgotten Online Subscriptions Rack Up Monthly Charges. Here’s How To Take Control.

Washington Post

May 19, 2021: What Travelers Really Want After the Pandemic — And How They Can Get It

US News and World Report

May 20, 2021: How an MBA Can Lead to Career Change

Science Times

May 18, 2021: Having More Women in Groups Increases Collective Intelligence for Decision Making, Study Reveals

Fast Company

May 18, 2021: Is It Time for an Algorithm Bill of Rights? These Analysts Think So


May 17, 2021: US Steel Cancellation Leaves Western PA With Questions Over Steel’s Future


May 17, 2021: What Are The Risks Of Crypto Savings Accounts?


May 17, 2021: Walmart, Disney, Target and Trader Joe’s Relax Mask Policies ‘Unless Required by Local or State Regulations’

Financial Times

May 14, 2021: Airbnb Pricing Algorithm Led to Increased Racial Disparities, Study Finds

New York Times

May 11, 2021: When It Comes to Taxes, Being Tracked Can Be a Good Thing


May 11, 2021: Law Firms Are Building A.I. Expertise As Regulation Looms


May 4, 2021: Two Plausible Possibilities for Your Post-Pandemic Office Wardrobe

US News and World Report

April 30, 2021: How Work Experience Influences MBA Admissions


April 30, 2021: Wealthiest Americans Get $195 Billion Richer in Biden’s First 100 Days

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

April 27, 2021: Carnegie Mellon Aiming for Foundational Approach With New Analytics Program


April 22, 2021: 135 Million Americans Are Breathing Unhealthy Air, American Lung Association Says

CIO Dive

April 19, 2021: Video Conferencing Can Hurt Collaboration. IT Has a Role in Fixing It


April 19, 2021: Crypto for the Long Term: What’s the Outlook?


April 8, 2021: Are Zoom Meetings Reducing Our Collective Intelligence?

Information Week

April 1, 2021: New Storage Trends Promise to Help Enterprises Handle a Data Avalanche


March 25, 2021: Walkback of Its New DM Feature Is a Sign of User Power


March 25, 2021: Should You Pay With Bitcoin to Buy a Tesla?

Fox Business

March 24, 2021: Wealthy Americans Shield 20% of Their Income From the IRS, New Study Suggests

New York Times

March 12, 2021: Desperate for a Trip? Here Are the Questions to Ask Before You Go.

March 2, 2021: How Green Are Electric Vehicles?