Carnegie Mellon University

Kori Krueger

Kori L. Krueger

Post-Doctoral Fellow, Organizational Behavior and Theory

5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213


Dr. Krueger’s research examines factors that help people form and maintain connections with others, particularly when they must navigate difficult conversations or challenging situations with one another. In one line of work, she examines how people are affected by and respond to agreement versus disagree from others. In this work, she has examined how sharing reality (or not sharing reality) with others shapes one’s judgments. In another line of work, she explores how people build and maintain their relationships with others in a particular type of challenging interaction: One in which a close partner expresses negativity (e.g., expressions of frustration or sadness). Her work in this area thus far suggests that negative partner expressions can bring about positive outcomes if the listener feels instrumental--that is, when the listener feels that they have facilitated their partner’s goal pursuits.

Dr. Krueger also explores factors that affect people’s interpersonal judgments and impressions. In one line of work, she investigates behavioral strategies that people use to manage others’ perceptions of them, and the motivations that drive such behavior. In another line of work, she explores the motivational underpinnings of how people represent themselves on social media. In a third line of work, she examines how prior experiences with a partner shape and bias judgments of responses to emotional disclosures. 

Dr. Krueger earned her PhD in Social Psychology from the University of Pittsburgh. She has taught Introduction to Psychology, Personality Psychology, and Research Methods and given guest lectures for Introduction to Social Psychology.


  • University of Pittsburgh - Ph D (Psychology) - 2020
  • University of Pittsburgh - MS (Psychology) - 2017
  • Miami University - BA (Psychology) - 2013


Interpersonal Processes; Relationship Maintenance; Motivation; Goals; Social Perception; Self-Disclosure


Awards and Honors

  • University of Pittsburgh Myers Graduate Student Award for Mentorship

  • SPSP Graduate Student Travel Award

  • University of Pittsburgh Margaret and Sloan Fellowship in Psychology

  • University of Pittsburgh Graduate Student Award for Research Excellence

  • University of Pittsburgh Arts and Science Fellowship