Carnegie Mellon University

Lihong Liang

Lihong Liang

Visiting Associate Professor of Accounting

  • TEP - Tepper Building - Room 5116
  • 412-268-9518
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213


  • The Pennsylvania State University - Ph D - 2002
  • The Pennsylvania State University - MS - 2000
  • Beijing Polytechnic University - BS - 1996


  • Market Perceptions of Fair Value Reporting for Tangible Assets
    (author(s): Lihong Liang, Jenelle Conaway, Edward Riedl)
    Journal of Accounting, Auditing & Finance, 2021; 1-26
  • External Corporate Governance and Misreporting
    (author(s): Lihong Liang, William R. Baber, Sok-Hyon Kang, Zinan Zhu)
    Contemporary Accounting Research 32(4), 2015; 1413-1442
  • The Effect of Fair Value versus Historical Cost Reporting Model on Analyst Forecast Accuracy
    (author(s): Lihong Liang, Edward Riedl)
    The Accounting Review 89, 2014; 1151-1177
  • Analyst Pessimism and Forecast Timing
    (author(s): Lihong Liang, Orie E. Barron, Donal Byard)
    Journal of Business, Finance and Accounting 40, 2013; 719-739
  • Associations between Internal and External Corporate Governance Characteristics: Implications for Investigating Financial Accounting Restatements
    (author(s): Lihong Liang, William R. Baber, Zinan Zhu)
    Accounting Horizons 26, 2012; 219-237
  • Earnings Forecasts in Enterprise Information Systems Environment
    (author(s): Lihong Liang)
    Enterprise Information Systems 2, 2008; 1-19
  • The Determinants of Analyst-firm Pairings
    (author(s): Lihong Liang, Edward J. Riedl, Ram Venkataraman)
    Journal of Accounting and Public Policy 27, 2008; 277-294
  • Variation Method of Solving the Irregular Oblique Derivative Problem for Elliptic Equations of Second Order
    (author(s): Lihong Liang, Guochun Wen, Dechang Chen, Zuoliang Xu)
    International Journal of Contemporary Mathematical Sciences 2, 2007; 961-974
  • Post-Earnings Announcement Drift and Market Participants’ Information Processing Biases
    (author(s): Lihong Liang)
    Review of Accounting Studies 8, 2003; 321-345

Working Papers

  • How Macro Conditions Affect the Information Content of Analyst Forecasts
    (author(s): Lihong Liang, Edward J. Riedl)
  • The Impact of Passive Institutional Investors on Post-earnings-announcement Drift
    (author(s): Lihong Liang, Jingxin Hu)
  • China's Anti-corruption Campaign and Corporate Philanthropy
    (author(s): Joseph Comprix, Lihong Liang, Nian Liu, Yaxin Ming)
  • Do Eastern Religious Traditions Stifle Corporate Innovation? Evidence from China
    (author(s): Lihong Liang, Daoguang Yang)
  • Earnings Guidance and Firm Transparency: Evidence from a Disclosure Regime Change
    (author(s): Lihong Liang, Hanwen Chen, Jiani Wang)
  • An Assessment of the Validity and Contribution of Empirical BKLS-based Research
    (author(s): Lihong Liang, Orie E. Barron, Donal Byard)
  • Heterogeneous Beliefs and the Earnings-Return Relation
    (author(s): Lihong Liang, Orie E. Barron, Pamela S. Stuerke)
  • Improved Communication from Management to Analysts after Regulation FD
    (author(s): Lihong Liang, James C. McKeown)

Honors and Awards

  • Syracuse University, Whitman 2020 Roadmap Grant for research (2020)
  • Syracuse University , Curriculum and learning innovation grant (2018)

Professional Activities

  • Ad hoc Reviewer for The Accounting Review, Review of Accounting Studies, Contemporary Accounting Research, Management Science, Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance, Journal of Accounting and Public Policy, European Accounting Review, The British Accounting Review, Journal of Financial Markets, Corporate Governance: An International Review, Asian Review of Accounting, Pacific-Basin Finance Journal, Journal of Applied Accounting Research, Enterprise Information Systems, Journal of contemporary accounting and economics, Financial Accounting and Reporting Section of the American Accounting Association meeting, American Accounting Association Annual meetings, Canadian Academic Accounting Association Annual Conference, Harvard Business School Publishing, Baruch College Grants Review Panel, Research Grants Council of Hong Kong.