Carnegie Mellon University

Dokyun Lee

Dokyun Lee

Assistant Professor of Business Analytics

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  • TEP - Tepper Building - Room 5111
  • 412-268-3702
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213



  • The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania - Ph D (Operation and Information Management) - 2015
  • Yale University - MS (Statistics) - 2010
  • Columbia University - BS (Computer Science) - 2009


Application and Impact of Machine Learning in Business,
Economic Impact of Unstructured Data,
Interpretable ML for Business,
Unintended Consequence of Machine Learning


Working Papers

  • How Much is an Image Worth? The Impact of Professional versus Amateur Airbnb Property Images on Property Demand

    (author(s): Shunyuan Zhang, Dokyun Lee, Param Singh, Kannan Srinivasan)
    Third round at Management Science

  • Micro-Giving: On the Use of Mobile Devices and Monetary Subsidies in Charitable Giving

    (author(s): Dongwon Lee, Anandasivam Gopal, Dokyun Lee)
    Second round at MISQ

  • Demand Interactions in Sharing Economies: Evidence from a Natural Experiment Involving Airbnb and Uber/Lyft

    (author(s): Shunyuan Zhang, Dokyun Lee, Param Singh, Tridas Mukhopadhyay)
    First round at Journal of Marketing Research

  • Focused Concept Miner (FCM):  An Interpretable Deep Learning for Text Exploration

    (author(s): Dokyun Lee, Emaad Ahmed Manzoor, Zhaoqi Cheng)
    Third round at Marketing Science

  • Peer Symbolic Awards Increase User Content Generation but Reduce Content Novelty

    (author(s): Gordon Burtch, Qinglai He, Yili Hong, Dokyun Lee)
    Second round at Management Science

  • Good Explanation for Algorithmic Transparency

    (author(s): Joy Tong Lu, Dokyun Lee, Taewan Kim, David Danks)
    Under revision

  • Soul and Machine (Learning)

    (author(s): Davide Proserpio, John R. Hauser, Xiao Liu, Tomomichi Amano, Alex Burnap, Tong Guo, Dokyun Lee, Randall A. Lewis, Kanishka Misra, Eric M. Schwartz, Artem Timoshenko, Lilei Xu, Hema Yoganarasimhan)
    Second round at Marketing Letters

  • Can High Street Fashion Erode Premium Brand Equity? A Structural Analysis
    (author(s): June Shi, Dokyun Lee, Kannan Srinivasan)
  • Quantifying Dialectic Persuasion - Measuring d(Opinion)/d(Argument) In Gun Control Debate
    (author(s): Emaad Ahmed Manzoor, Dokyun Lee,George Chen, Alan Montgomery)
  • Interpretable Deep Learning Approach to Customer Churn Prediction
    (author(s): Daehwan Ahn, Dokyun Lee, Kartik Hosanagar)
  • A Bayesian Multi-View Topic Model for Predictive Analytics in a Business-to-Business Context
    (author(s): Sam Levy, Dokyun Lee, Daniel M McCarthy, Alan Montgomery)
  • Do Aggressive Comments Bring Better Questions? Evidence from Stack Overflow
    (author(s): Zhaoqi Cheng, Dokyun Lee, Tridas Mukhpadhyay)
  • Generative Model of Innovation
    (author(s): Zhaoqi Cheng, Dokyun Lee, Prasanna Tambe, David Hsu)

Awards and Honors

  • INFORMS - Best Paper Runner Up - E-Business (2019)
  • Management Science ISR Division 2016-2018 Best Paper Award Finalist – Journal Paper 2 (2019)
  • Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative - Collaborative Data Grant (only 1 team) (2019)
  • MSI - Marketing Science Institute Research Grant (Principal Investigator, $10,000) (2018)
  • INFORMS - Best Paper Runner Up - E-Business (2018)
  • Carnegie Bosch Institute Research Award [Explainable AI – Definition of Good Explanation] (Co-PI, $116,400) (2018)
  • Academy of Management Best Student Paper Award (2018)
  • NSF i-Corp - Optipik (Chief Scientist) (2017)
  • AIS - ICIS 2017 Best Conference Paper (2017)
  • AIS - ICIS 2017 Best Track Paper in IT and Social Changes Award (2017)
  • CIST INFORMS Best Student Paper Award (2017)
  • Tepper School - Xerox Junior Faculty Chair, Tepper School (2017)
  • Adobe Data Science Faculty Research Award Grant (PI, $40,000) (2017)
  • NVIDIA Academic GPU grants for Deep Learning Projects (PI, GPU Received) (2017)
  • XSEDES Pittsburgh Super Computing for Deep Learning (PI) (2017)
  • CIST INFORMS - Best Student Paper Award (2016)
  • ISS Nunamaker-Chen Dissertation Award, Runner Up (2016)
  • Management Science ISR Division 2012-2014 Best Paper Award Finalist – Journal Paper 1 (2016)
  • NET Institute - Research Grant (Principal Investigator, $3,000) (2016)
  • Marketing Science Institute - Research Grant (Co-Principal Investigator, $17,000) (2016)
  • Tepper School - The Lave Weil Faculty Research Award ($10,000) (2016)
  • XSEDES Pittsburgh Super Computing for Deep Learning (PI) (2016)
  • Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative - Data Grant (2019)
  • CMU - The Berkman Award Fund (Principal Investigator, $9,142) (2015)
  • Wharton School - Wharton Behavioral Lab Research Grant (Principal Investigator, $9,200) (2015)
  • WISE - Best Student Paper, Runner Up –Journal Paper 2 (2014)

Professional Service

  • Conference on Information Systems and Technology (INFORMS, Phoenix Arizona), Conference Co-Chair (2018)

University Service

  • CAIR (CMU AI Retail) Initiative, Founding Member and Faculty Co-Director (2020)
  • K&L Gates Advisory Group, Committee Member (2020)
  • MEAC Committee (2016 - current)
  • IS Faculty Hiring Committee (2015 - )
  • IS PhD Hiring Committee (2015 - )
  • IS Seminar Organizer (2015 – 2018)
  • MS in Business Analytics Curriculum Committee (2016 - 2018)