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Dokyun Lee

Dokyun Lee

Assistant Professor of Business Analytics

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  • TEP - Tepper Building - Room 5111
  • 412-268-3702
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213


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  • The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania - Ph D (Operation and Information Management) - 2015
  • Yale University - MS (Statistics) - 2010
  • Columbia University - BS (Computer Science) - 2009


Application and Impact of Machine Learning in Business,
Economic Impact of Unstructured Data,
Interpretable ML for Business,
Unintended Consequence of Machine Learning


Working Papers

  • Focused Concept Miner (FCM): an Interpretable Deep Learning for Text Exploration

    (author(s): Dokyun Lee, Emaad Ahmed Manzoor, Zhaoqi Cheng)

  • Micro-Giving: On the Use of Mobile Devices and Monetary Subsidies in Charitable Giving

    (author(s): Dongwon Lee, Anandasivam Gopal, Dokyun Lee)
    Under Review at Management Science, 2017

  • When Does Beauty Pay? A Large Scale Image Based Appearance Analysis on Career Transitions

    (author(s): Nikhil Malik, Param Singh, Dokyun Lee, Kannan Srinivasan)
    Conference on Information Systems and Technology, 2017

  • Large Scale Cross Category Analysis of Consumer Review Content on Sales Conversion Leveraging Deep Learning

    (author(s): Xiao Liu, Dokyun Lee, Kannan Srinivasan)
    Submitted to Journal of Marketing Research, 2017

  • Demand Interactions in Sharing Economies: Evidence from a Natural Experiment Involving Airbnb and Uber/Lyft

    (author(s): Shunyuan Zhang, Dokyun Lee, Param Singh, Tridas Mukhopadhyay)
    Management Science

  • When do Recommender Systems Work the Best? Moderating Effects of Product Attributes on Recommender System Performances

    (author(s): Dokyun Lee, Kartik Hosanagar)
    Under Review at Management Science

  • How Much is an Image Worth? Estimating Airbnb Property Demand Leveraging Large Scale Image Feature Extraction

    (author(s): Shunyuan Zhang, Dokyun Lee, Param Singh, Kannan Srinivasan)
    Management Science

Awards and Honors

  • Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative - Collaborative Data Grant (only 1 team) (2019)
  • MSI - Marketing Science Institute Research Grant (Principal Investigator, $10,000) (2018)
  • INFORMS - Best Paper Runner Up - E-Business (2018)
  • Carnegie Bosch Institute Research Award [Explainable AI – Definition of Good Explanation]  (Co-PI, $116,400) (2018)
  • AOM- Academy of Management Best Student Paper Award (Dongwon Lee) (2018)
  • AIS - ICIS 2017 Best Conference Paper (2017)
  • AIS - ICIS 2017 Best Track Paper in IT and Social Changes Award (2017)
  • INFORMS - CIST INFORMS Best Student Paper Award (Phd Student Nikhil Malik) (2017)
  • Tepper School - Xerox Junior Faculty Chair, Tepper School (2017)
  • Adobe - Adobe Data Science Faculty Grant For Deep Learning (2017)
  • NVidia - NVIDIA Academic GPU grants for Deep Learning Projects (2017)
  • XSEDES - XSEDES Pittsburgh Super Computing Allocation for Deep Learning Projects (2017)
  • INFORMS CIST - INFORMS CIST Best Student Paper Award (Shunyuan Zhang) (2016)
  • INFORMS ISS - ISS Nunamaker-Chen Dissertation Award, Runner Up (2016)
  • NET Institute - NET Institute Research Grant (2016)
  • Marketing Science Institute - Marketing Science Institute Research Grant (2016)
  • CMU Tepper School - The Lave Weil Award (2016)
  • CMU - The Berkman research Fund (2015)

University Service

  • MEAC Committee (2016 - )
  • Business Analytics Hiring Committee, Committee Member (2016 - )
  • Masters in Business Analytics Program Curriculum Development, Committee Member (2016 - )
  • Seminar Speaker Organizer, BT Group Seminar Speaker Organizer (2015 - )
  • BT Phd Selection Committee, Committee Member, Go through applications and Interview students. (2016 - 2016)