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Francesca Carapella

Francesca Carapella

Adjunct Professor of Economics

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5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213


  • University of Minnesota - Ph D (Economics) - 2008
  • University of Minnesota - MS (Economics) - 2007
  • Coripe Piemonte - MA (Economics) - 2002
  • University L.U.I.S.S. Guido Carli - BS (Economics) - 2001


  • Dealers’ Insurance, Market Structure and Liquidity
    (author(s): Francesca Carapella, Cyril Monnet)
    Forthcoming in Journal of Financial Economics
  • Voluntary Reserve Targets
    (author(s): Francesca Carapella, Garth Baughman)
    Forthcoming in Journal of Money, Credit and Banking
  • Credit Markets, Limited Commitment, and Government Debt
    (author(s): Francesca Carapella, Steve Williamson)
    Review of Economic Studies, 82(3), 2015; 963-990
  • Repos, Fire Sales, and Bankruptcy Policy
    (author(s): Francesca Carapella, Ed Nosal, Gaetano Antinolfi, Charlie Kahn, Antoine Martin, David Mills)
    Review of Economic Dynamics, 18(1), 2015; 21-31
  • A Model of Banknote Discounts
    (author(s): Francesca Carapella, Laurence Ales, Pricila Maziero, Warren E. Weber)
    The Journal of Economic Theory, 142(1), 2008; 5-27
  • Deposit Insurance, Institutions and Banks’ Interest Rates
    (author(s): Francesca Carapella, Giorgio Di Giorgio)
    Transition Studies Review, 11(13), 2004; 77-92

Working Papers

  • Clearing, Transparency, and Collateral
    (author(s): Francesca Carapella, Gaetano Antinolfi, Francesco Carli)
  • A Simple Model of Voluntary Reserve Targets with Tolerance Bands
    (author(s): Francesca Carapella, Garth Baughman)
  • Limited Commitment and the Implementation of Monetary Policy
    (author(s): Francesca Carapella, Garth Baughman)

Awards and Honors

  • MedioCredito Centrale Bank - Marco Fanno Fellowship for Graduate Studies (2003)