Carnegie Mellon University

Andrew Bird

Andrew Bird

Assistant Professor of Accounting

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  • TEP - Tepper Building - Room 4104
  • 412-268-9170
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213


  • University of Toronto - Ph D (Economics) - 2013
  • University of Toronto - MA (Economics) - 2007
  • University of Guelph - BA (Economics) - 2006


Working Papers

  • Short Selling Governance and Intrafirm Resource Allocation

    (author(s): James Albertus, Andrew Bird, Stephen Karolyi, Thomas Ruchti)

  • Regulating Information

    (author(s): Andrew Bird, Stephen Karolyi, Thomas Ruchti)

  • Strategic Disclosure Misclassification

    (author(s): Andrew Bird, Stephen Karolyi, Paul Ma)

  • Short-Termism Spillovers from the Financial Industry

    (author(s): Andrew Bird, Aytekin Ertan, Stephen Karolyi, Thomas Ruchti)

  • University-Level Recruiting and Black Underrepresentation in the Auditing Profession

    (author(s): Andrew Bird, Chan Li, Paul Madsen, Thomas Ruchti)

  • Understanding the "Numbers Game"

    (author(s): Andrew Bird, Stephen Karolyi, Thomas Ruchti)

  • Allies in the Break Room: The Effect of Accounting Alumni on Auditor Choice and the Hiring Agenda

    (author(s): Andrew Bird, Nam Ho, Thomas Ruchti)

  • Real Effects of Voluntary Disclosure: Evidence from Private Firm Financing

    (author(s): Andrew Bird, Stephen Karolyi, Thomas Ruchti)

  • That's What Friends are for: Audit Quality and Accounting Employee Affiliations with Audit Firms

    (author(s): Andrew Bird, Nam Ho, Chan Li, Thomas Ruchti)

  • Bank Regulator Bias and the Efficacy of Stress Test Disclosures

    (author(s): Andrew Bird, Stephen Karolyi, Thomas Ruchti, Austin Sudbury)

  • Peer Effects and Tax Avoidance

    (author(s): Andrew Bird, Alexander Edwards, Thomas Ruchti)

University Service

  • Faculty Computing Committee, Committee Member (2015 - )
  • BEAC, Committee Member (2014 - )
  • Tepper Accounting Mini Conference, Workshop Organizer (2014 - 2014)