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Tech Chats Series

Learn best practices in tech from top Carnegie Mellon faculty and global business leaders.

Free Online Webinars

Each webinar is a 90-minute session.

Join Carnegie Mellon’s world-class faculty and key business leaders for stimulating conversations in this technology sampler geared to develop your knowledge and challenge your assumptions in key tech areas, such as blockchain, fintech, IoT, data analytics, and AI/ML. This series of conversations is ideal for mid- to senior-level managers with at least five years of experience.

Key Takeaways

  • Enhanced understanding of current tech landscape.
  • Insight into intersection of business and technology from academics and practitioners. 

Program Topics

  • Disruptions in the tech sector:
    • fintech
    • blockchain
    • IoT
  • Data for decision-making
  • Innovation in a post-pandemic world
  • fourth industrial revolution and beyond

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