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Leading Innovation: Creating a Dynamic Organization

Acquire a deeper understanding of the processes, methods, and tools of lean innovative thinking and deal with the challenges of creating an innovation culture.

Change is happening at rapid speed. Leaders must continually reinvent products and services, and build with agile development to keep up with constantly changing market demands. Mastering innovation is a strategic imperative for competitive advantage.

This program helps participants deal with the challenges of creating an innovative culture and better understand the people factor of innovation in teams. Learn to harness the innovation potential and tap into the right people as critical enablers for innovation.

The program enables leaders to create a new mindset for innovation and align the concepts from the sessions with their organization’s culture. With a variety of tools and resources, participants will be able to develop a personal action plan in order to immediately tackle the innovation challenges of their organizations and involve the right people in the innovation process.

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Who Should Attend?
Program Schedule
Featured Faculty

Who Should Attend?

This program is designed for anyone responsible for or involved in the development of new ideas, products or processes. 

Recommended participants include:

  • Mid- to senior-level executives and managers who want to more effectively lead innovatively, both in their own personal leadership development and within their teams.
  • Professionals and project teams from a wide variety of functional areas, including product and business development, marketing, engineering, R&D, corporate strategy, finance and human resources.
  • Executives and managers from companies in quickly-changing industries, including manufacturing, services, technology and consumer products.

To maximize the impact of the program across your organization, we encourage cross-functional teams to participate. 

Program Schedule

Day 1

Lean Innovative Thinking

  • Principles, processes and tools of lean innovative thinking
  • Engaging customer discovery and the customer development model
  • Compelling communication

Day 2

The People Factor

  • The people factor and innovation in teams
  • The science of growth and modeling the business canvas
  • Innovation Tour and Reception

Day 3

Innovation Culture

  • Building products and services with agile development
  • Developing a culture of innovation
  • Learning transfer and application

Featured Faculty

Sean Ammirati

Partner, Birchmere Ventures; Distinguished Service Professor of Entrepreneurship

photo of sean ammirati

Brenda Bakker Harger

Director of the Interactive Theatre Company and Professor of Entertainment Technology

photo of Brenda Bakker Harger

Sylvia Vogt

President, Carnegie Bosch Institute and Adjunct Professor of Management

photo of Sylvia Vogt