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Celebrate 10 Years By Giving Back!

It's hard to believe that it has been 10 years since we walked the halls of Posner Hall. In honor of this special milestone and in memory of our Tepper School experience and education, let's join together in support of the Tepper School.

This year we are challenging our class to beat our 5-year reunion performance and reach 30% class gift participation. We need your help to meet our goal of 77 Class of 2013 Tepper School donors!

Fundraising Progress

  • Goal: 77 Donors

  • 59 Class Donors

  • $52,805 Raised 


We’re 77% of the way there!

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Your recurring monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or annual gift will help ensure consistent support for Tepper students, faculty, and operations.

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*A gift of $2,500 or more qualifies you for membership in the W.L. Mellon Society, the Tepper School's society for our most generous donors. Membership benefits include listing within the Tepper School on our donor board, invitations to exclusive events and communications, and membership in the CMU Andrew Carnegie Society.

Tepper Class of 2013 Campaign

By contributing to our class gift campaign, your generosity will provide essential support to the Tepper Community and Inclusion Fund or the Tepper Faculty Initiatives Fund.

Tepper Community and Inclusion Fund

All members of the Tepper School community, including students, student organizations, faculty, and staff, can apply for Community and Inclusion Funds to create an event, program, or initiative that supports the school’s diversity and inclusion goals.

The school’s diverse and inclusive community enriches the student experience and leads to greater creativity and innovation in decision-making. Ensuring that all members of our community have a voice and sense of belonging will empower them to strive for excellence.

Tepper Faculty Initiatives Fund

This fund supports the Tepper School’s esteemed faculty research and teaching programs and is essential in the recruitment and retention of the School’s top tier faculty.

Tepper faculty research is at the forefront of the intersection of business and societally relevant issues like COVID-19, healthcare, sustainability, income inequality, and blockchain. Not only do they bring esteem to the Tepper School through their publications, but their expertise adds depth to their courses and fosters MBA graduates ready to tackle real business problems.

Help our Tepper Class of 2013 leave a positive legacy for current and future students by making a class gift contribution today.

Class of 2013 Class Gift Committee

Brittany Mithra
Class Gift Chair

Ryan Burns

Jorge Carvallo Gomez

Matt Guyaux

 Jertez Hunter

Nirali Shah

Brian Watson

Class of 2013 Donors: Thank You for Your Class Gift!

Kofi Ampadu

Victoria Appia

Sergey Astretsov

Mahmoud Bishr

Alexander Bisson

Amy Bodle

Justin Borntraeger

Travis Campbell

Jorge Carvallo Gomez

Karan Chaudhri

Jason Cherok

Brett Cottle

Michael Dick

Yulia Dosby

Jalyn Echko

Emad Elsayed

Abigail Fasulo

Max Friedman

Kirsten Fudeman

Naohiro Furuta

Matthew Guyaux

Alanna Houck

Jertez Hunter

Karan Jain

Nathan Jayappa

Andrew Jesionowski

Michaela Jesionowski

Joann Kim

Allison Kramer

Celine Lee

Justina Lee

Maneesh Lekkala

Kevin Lynch

Rukmananda Mallya Perdur

Heather Martin

Raymond McGill Jr.

Damian McIntyre

Brittany Mithra

Arun Narayanan

Timothy O'Connell

Omosola Osunfisan

Zachary Polin

Amirtha Raman

Deepti Rao

Jeffrey Renshaw

Gustavo Restrepo

Nirali Shah

Yajnika Sharma

Reid Sigal

Oliver Tassinari

Tyler Thornblade

Rajashree Todmal

Brenna Troy

Steven Troy

Brian Watson

Erika Weaver

Han Yeh

Jesse Yoon

Yousra Zaheer