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Celebrate 15 Years By Giving Back!

It's hard to believe that it has been 15 years since we walked the halls of Posner Hall. In honor of this special milestone and in memory of our Tepper School experience and education, let's join together in support of the Tepper School.

This year we are challenging our class to reach 33% class gift participation (85 Class of 2007 Tepper School donors). We need your help to set the record for 15th reunion giving participation, beating the current record held by the Class of 2006 (32%).

Make your gift go further! If we reach our goal of 85 donors by May 31, 2022, this committee will collectively make a gift of $3,000 to the school in honor of our 15th Reunion.

Fundraising Progress

  • Goal: 85 Donors

  • 65 Class Gift Donors

  • $30,112 Raised


We’re 76% of the way there!

Become a Sustaining Donor

Your recurring monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or annual gift will help ensure consistent support for Tepper students, faculty and operations.

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*A gift of $2,500 or more qualifies you for membership in the W.L. Mellon Society, the Tepper School's society for our most generous donors. Membership benefits include listing within the Tepper School on our donor board, invitations to exclusive events and communications, and membership in the CMU Andrew Carnegie Society.

Tepper Class of 2007 Campaign

By contributing to our class gift campaign, your generosity will provide essential support to the Tepper Faculty Initiatives Fund.

This fund supports the Tepper School’s esteemed faculty research and teaching programs and is essential in the recruitment and retention of the School’s top tier faculty.

Tepper faculty research is at the forefront of the intersection of business and societally relevant issues like COVID-19, healthcare, sustainability, income inequality, and blockchain. Not only do they bring esteem to the Tepper School through their publications, but their expertise adds depth to their courses and fosters MBA graduates ready to tackle real business problems.

Help our Tepper Class of 2007 leave a positive legacy for current and future students and faculty by making a class gift contribution today.

Tepper 2007 Reunion Committee

Jackie Colorado
Class Gift Co-Chair

Joe Muscari
Class Gift Co-Chair

Joseph Armah

Hazel-Ann McLean

Christopher Ruscitti

Simon Rosenberg

Pauline Shender

Michael Walton

Class of 2007 Donors: Thank You for Your Class Gift!

Francisco Alanis

Joseph Armah

Ashish Ashtekar

Geoffrey Bent

Tyler Cascade

Josh Chaise

Yi-Hsin Chen

Kevin Cheung

Matthew Ciuca

Gregory Clumpner

Jacqueline Colorado

Marta Dalton

Jason Dalton

Paul Danko

Jeffrey Diehl

Chad Eckhardt

Enrique Garduno-Rodriguez

Jesse Goellner

David Graham

Andrew Grohman

Ambarish Gupta

David Hays

Tomohiro Hotta

Michelle Hsia

Philip Johns

Jaime Juarez

Ravish Kumar

Joshua Lee

Yowei Li

Ravindranath Madasu

Adrian Maholchic

Praveen Mathew

Thomas Matta

Linsey McDaniel

Hazel McLean

Letitia Midmore

Seth Morganstern

Erin Moyer

Joseph Muscari

Jason Neiss

Christopher O'Leary

John O'Malley

Manoj Panda

Jami Park

Dinesh Pethiyagoda

Mubbin Rabbani

Colin Raney

Misty Rocha

Coy Ross

Christopher Ruscitti

Anthony Sessa

Pauline Shender

Rajan Singh

Eun Seok So

Markita Staples

Mary Sullivan

Andrew Sutherland

Rohan Taneja

Eric Valko

Michael Walton

Andrew Wilkinson

Jay Williams

Wenpu Wu

Jinou Xie

Hongbo Xu