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Quickfire Interactive Talks

Delivered by faculty and graduate students to rapidly showcase innovative and effective teaching.

Peter/McKenna/Wright Room

jayan quickfire talk

Reeja Jayan

(presented by Chad Hershock)

Virtual Engineering In Minecraft: Helping Students Visualize And Manipulate Material Properties

tibirishani quickfire talk

Ryan Tibshirani

Gearing Up For Research The Machine Learning Way: An Authentic In-class Conference Experience

weinberg quickfire talk

Randy Weinberg

Speed Dating Enhances Active Learning

davidson quickfire talk

Drew Davidson

Collaboratively Grading Interdisciplinary Projects In ETC Courses

Connan Room


Christina Bjorndahl

How Can You Use Active Learning And iClickers To Make A Large Lecture Feel Like A Small Class?


Catalina Achim

Development Of Tools And Methods For Teaching Writing In STEM At The Graduate Level


Costa Samaras

Social Media In Engineering: Connecting Course Concepts To The Real World With Twitter


Brian Kovak

Active Learning To Interpret And Critique Research

Danforth Conference Room


Katie Walsh

Creating Historians: Using Canvas Discussion Posts To Develop Analytical Writing Skills


Matt Bass

Engineering Data Intensive Scalable Systems: Experiences Flipping The Classroom


Dave Yaron

Chemcollective: Interactive Simulations To Promote Conceptual Learning Of Chemistry


Beth Walter

Teaching Writing Skills Via Collaborative Rhetorical Analysis