Tracks and Sessions-Take Our Kids To Work - Carnegie Mellon University

Tracks and Sessions

Here you find the session descriptions and track listing for the TODSTW 2017 event.  The tracks are listed first and as you scroll down you will see the Session descriptions.

8-11 Year Old Tracks

Track 1

  1. Touch a Truck
  2. Campus Design Tour

Guide: Barb Kviz, Matt McCabe

Track 2
  1. Campus Design Tours
  2. Improv: Game design and development

Guide: Cindy Griffiths, Amy Protos

Track 3
  1. Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  2. Chef for a Day

Guide: Pat Schaller

Track 4


  1. DNAZone: Kitchen Chemistry
  2. Volleyball

Guide: Eric Pronko

Track 5
  1. Birdhouse Fun
  2. DNA Zone: Kitchen Chemistry

Guide: Kelly Campbell

Track 6
  1. Dance and Rhythm of the Middle East
  2. Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Guide: Judy Ellgass, Margaret Carter

Track 7
  1. Improv: Game Design & Development
  2. Robots, Robots, Robots

Guide: Ross Garin, Ginger Placone, Chrissy Lacher

Track 8
  1. Understanding air pollution
  2. Diving In

Guide: Angela Mosqueda

Track 9
  1. Music Up Close
  2. Wonderful Underwater World

Guide: Pattye Stragar, Jaime Rzepecki

Track 10


  1. Wonderful Underwater World
  2. Computer Science Now and in Your Future!

Guide: Natalie Swensson, Melissa Tetrick

Track 11


  1. Robots, Robots, Robots
  2. Understanding air pollution

Guide: Sylvia Smith, Sharon McAndrews

Track 12
  1. Computer Science Now and in Your Future
  2. Music Up Close

Guide: Samantha Mudrinich, Cindy Vicker

Track 13

   1. Hoop Madness: Basketball

   2. Ten-Four: Message Received

Guide: Karl Thomas

Track 14

   1. Hunt Botanical Gallery Tour

   2. Tennis Clinic

Guide: Ann Marie Zanger, Krista Campbell

Track 15

    1. Brush Bot

    2. Circuit Training

Guide: Pamela Piskurich, Kristin Lavery

            Christa Romanosky, Trish Spencer

12-15 Year Old Tracks
Track A
  1. Meet the Robots
  2. Newfoundland Water Lifesaving Dogs

Guide: Kate Riley, Michael Farb, Leah Zande

Track B
  1. Bright Lights Dark Nights
  2. Balloon Vehicle Competition

Guide: Sarah Emory

Track C
  1. Diving In
  2. Recording Studio

Guide: Kim Farrah

Track D
  1. Laser Cutting Demo and Craft
  2. Bright Lights Dark Nights

Guide: Dan Corletti

Track E
  1. Chef for a Day
  2. Dance and Rhythm of the Middle East

Guide: Elliot Walters

Track F
  1. Volleyball
  2. Birdhouse Fun

Guide: Peggy (Margaret) Joyce

Track G
  1. Ten Four: Message Received
  2. Hoop Madness: Basketball

Guide: James Sica

Track H
  1. Tennis Clinic
  2. Hunt Botanical Gallery Tour

Guide: Ron Ripper, Chris Blakesley

If you are serving as a track guide please review the Track Guide Instructions.

Session Information

Please do not head to the locations directly. Participants and guides will leave from The CUC - Rangos at 1:00 PM to travel to track one.

Title Location Description

Balloon Vehicle Competition

Track: B

CUC Peter

Create your own balloon-powered vehicle.  Students will be put into small groups to create their own balloon powered vehicle with guidance from CMU science and engineering students.  Vehicles will compete in a race to the finish line.

Birdhouse Fun

Track: 5, F


Childrens School


 Explore fun facts about local birds with our three and four year old students.  Share stories, snacks, and songs about our feathered friends.  Decorate a birdhouse to take home.

Bright Lights/Dark Nights

Track: B, D

CUC Pake Lets make different kinds of light and look at each with scientific tools that answer the question "What is light?"  We have had electric lights on the planet Earth for about 100 years.  Human made light at night keeps us from seeing the faint light from stars.  Talk to an astronomer about how to see thousands of stars in a dark night sky.

Brush Bot

Track: 15

CUC Dowd The Brush Bot is a simple and tiny robot with an agenda. Create your tiny robot out of a toothbrush, and when completed it will be running and ready for action!

Campus Design Tours

Track: 1, 2

CUC Rangos 3 Join members from Campus Design and Facility Development to tour CMU construction sites.

Chef for a Day

Track: 3, E

Resnik Cafe

Join Executive Chef Victor Schmidt from Culinart, and Jessica Tones from CMU Dining in an interactive demonstration creating a healthy snack. Children will put on Chef's hats and aprons and build a low-fat Greek yogurt parfait. They will learn about good customer service, and a variety of ideas on how to snack healthy.

Circuit Training

CUC Studio B

Computer Science Now and in Your Future!

Track: 10, 12

NSH 1507 Students in Computer Science invite you to discover the fun side of computer science and how it is already in your life. Do you have a cell phone? Do you play video games? Do you like to watch animated movies? Computer Science is already in your life! Meet and work with some of the students you will be counting on for developing future technology and much more. Through an interactive presentation you will explore the kinds of problem solving used in computer science, you’ll hear about a variety of computing applications and the careers you can aspire to. And you’ll get to meet our Robot dog!

Dance and Rhythm of the Middle East

Track: 6, E




Participants will enjoy the opportunity to touch a dumbek (drum), ring a zill (finger cymbal) and dance a debke (Arabic line dance) while gaining a new respect and understanding of the rich diversity of Middle Eastern Music, from Turkish traditional to Egyptian pop. Attendees will also delight in learning basic movements such as snake arms, footwork, and hip isolations, as well as a short combination to share with friends.

Diving In

Track: 8, C

CUC Pool This will be an introduction to springboard diving. Participants will be given instruction on the basics of diving and will get to go off the diving board at the pool in the Cohon Center. All participants must pass a swim test and bring a bathing suit and towel with them for this track.

DNAZone - Kitchen Chemistry

Track: 4, 5

CUC McKenna

Did you ever wonder why your T-shirt looks blue or red?  Do you know what makes good chocolate...or what could make even better chocolate?  Join DNAZone Outreach in a series of fun hands on science activities to find the answers to these questions.  We'll show you how you can spot the chemistry thats happening all around you.

Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Track: 3, 6

Wean 3604

Brief background of Magnetic Resonance Imaging. How we utilize an MRI machine at CMU. We will image different types of fruit and try to match the images to the correct fruit.

Hoop Madness: Basketball

Track: 13, G

Skibo Gym

Dreaming of making the final second basket to win the championship? Learn new drills and skills in shooting, ball handling, defense, and offense for practice and games. 

Hunt Botanical Gallery Tour

Track: 14, H

Hunt Library

5th Floor

Visit CMU's Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation, which specializes in the history of botany and all aspects of plant science. Assistant curator Carrie Roy will give you a personal tour of the "Exquisite Patterns in Nature" exhibition, and you will learn about botanical art, museum and library practices, and more.

Improv, Game Design & Development

Track: 7, 2

GSA 306

The Entertainment Technology Center (ETC) teaches its graduate students how to design and develop entertainment experiences, including games. Every ETC student takes Improvisational Acting, which fosters team building and increases listening skills. ETC students work on teams of artists, designers, and programmers in short cycles in a Building Virtual Worlds course, and on semester-long projects. This activity session will run some Improv exercises with full class participation, discuss some game design principles behind a common card game "UNO", and lead into a presentation of digital games work created at the ETC. Links to ETC work will be shared so that participants can  continue their play and exploration well after the session ends.

Laser Cutting Demo and Craft

Track: D

Hunt Library A5

Visit the IDeATe (Integrative Design, Arts, & Technology) studio, see the laser cutter in action, and
learn about the classes that happen in the maker spaces in Hunt Library. Make a souvenir from parts
that the laser cutter produces.

Meet the Robots

Track: A

NSH A403

Visit the robotics lab to meet a snake robot - a device that looks like a snake and can get into tight spaces - and a robot named HERB, CMU's robotic butler, cookie separator & aspiring actor.

Music Up Close

Track: 9, 12

CUC Danforth Lounge
Students from CMU School of Music will perform and offer an interactive demonstration of their instruments, including basson, harp, violin, and voice.

Newfoundland Water Lifesaving Dogs

Track: A

Cyert B6A
Newfoundland dogs have historically been trained to assist fishermen and water safety workers in many countries.  I will present an overview via videos of the training of these special dogs and will be accompanied by my own 10 year old Newfoundland "Jack" who has several life saving qualification titles.

Recording Studio

Track: C


Everyone loves music! The Vlahakis Recording Studio at Carnegie Mellon is the place where musicians from CMU and the Pittsburgh community meet to record their music – rock bands, hip-hop, jazz, singer-songwriter, and classical musicians. See an actual recording arranged especially for your visit.

Robots, Robots, Robots

Track: 7, 11

CUC Athletics Conference Room -

CUC 151

Big robots, small robots, flying robots, swimming robots, humanoid robots, cute robots, scary robots - robots are everywhere, and robots are taking over our world.  But fear not!  Robots are our friends, and they are here to help humans out.  The Carnegie Mellon Robotics Club loves building robots, and we'd love to share our work with you with some fun robotic activities.

Ten Four: Message Received

Track: 13, G

CUC Loading Dock
See a real police car up close and learn about the variety of community service activities of CMU's university police, including police patrols and call response, criminal investigations, event security, and crime prevention and education programming.

Tennis Clinic

Track: 14, H

Tennis Courts

Whether you have dreams of competing at the US Open or just want to learn a sport you can play you whole life, tennis provides a great source of exercise, recreation, or competition. In this clinic you will have fun in drills and quick games.

Touch a Truck

Track: 1

FMS Garage Totally Truckin! You’ll have an opportunity to see -- up close --some big vehicles that help keep us safe!

Understanding air pollution

Track: 8, 11

CUC Class of 87
I will talk about sources of air pollution, how breathing polluted air causes health problems, and steps kids can take to reduce air pollution.


Track: 4, F

CUC Wiegand Gym What do Kerri Walsh Jennings, Flo Hyman, & Karch Kiraly have in common? They all represented the USA in Olympics volleyball. Learn the basics of the game and play some fun sets.

Wonderful Underwater World

Track: 9, 10

CUC Wright The underwater world is seldom seen by man but holds incredible beauty.  This presentation will show some of the wonderful sights of this magical realm and will take the audience around the world from Florida to Fuji.