For Kids-Take Our Kids To Work - Carnegie Mellon University

For Kids

To get ready for Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work® Day at Carnegie Mellon, think about the following:Sparking Aha Moments Theme Logo

At home:

  • Read about the program. Include a link to our About the Program a page and or the national site
  • Get a special notebook. Write down questions you want to ask your host and others such as:
  • What's it like working at Carnegie Mellon?
  • What is your educational background? What are your degrees in?
  • What was your favorite course of study?
  • What kind of training did you need for your job?
  • What are the typical challenges you encounter in your job? (male vs female, age, race, etc)
  • What do you wish someone had told you about work when you were my age?
  • Make a list of ten or more things you like to do. (i.e. acting, writing, drawing, playing volleyball, giving advice).
  • Think about a comfortable outfit to wear.

At school:

  • Give your teacher the School Information form so that he or she will know you'll be going to work at Carnegie Mellon on April 27th.
  • Talk with your friends and find out if they are going to work with someone and where.
  • Share your notebook with your friends and encourage them to make one too.

Things to think about:

  • When I grow up, one of my dream jobs is to become....
  • To work toward that dream job, I will begin now to....