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Students can start PROBEs (PRoblem-Oriented Business Explorations) through Project Olympus. Browse below to see the list of current student PROBEs at Project Olympus. A key goal is to augment and accelerate the process of moving basic research and great ideas to development and business stages, with licensing, spin-offs, start-ups and corporate collaboration and partnering.

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101 logo


Classroom engagement tools built specifically for STEM

101 builds classroom engagement tools specifically for introductory college STEM courses. Unlike existing tools that rely on generic multiple choice questions, we invent subject-specific modules with novel ways for students to learn and interact with math and science problems.

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Team Members:
Justin Weinberg, Co-founder & CEO | Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, 2018
Igor Belyayev, Co-founder & CTO

Behaivior logo


Reducing relapses with the right support, and the right time, in real-time.

Behaivior is leveraging machine learning to predict and prevent opioid relapse and overdose through wearables, providing the right intervention at the right time in real-time. We are currently competing in the $5 million IBM Watson AI XPRIZE challenge.

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Team Members:
Jeremy Guttman: Cofounder, CEO

Ellie Gordon: Cofounder, COO and Designer
Nikola Banovic: HCII PhD, 2018
Grace Bae: HCII Systems Scientist

Anind Dey: HCII Professor

Comyoot logo


We are training the Doctors of Tomorrow

The CPR Dummy for Spinal Manipulation


Team Members:
Torrell Jackson, co-founder | Tepper, MBA 
Angenique Jackson, co-founder | Chiropractor

Choitek logo


Advanced robotics for everyone

We build advanced human-size robots for students, educators, hobbyists and researchers.

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Team Members:
John Choi, Founder | Bachelor of Computer Science and Art, 2017

Comyoot logo


Unleash The Power Of Your Community

ComYoot allows users to offer and receive help from others at their university, or company. 

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Team Members:
Jameel Francis, Founder & CEO | Tepper MBA, 2017 
Jared Pryor, CTO | MHCI, 2011

Comyoot logo

GTE (Generational Transfer Entrepreneurs)

Building the bridge between generations

GTE creates a platform for entrepreneurial operators working to acquire successful lower middle market businesses. Upon acquisition, we look forward to the opportunity to grow these businesses to help the local communities around them.

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Team Members:
Brenden Van Buren, co-founder, Operator-In-Residence | Tepper, MBA, 2017
Gabriel Chick, co-founder, Operator-In-Residence | Tepper, MBA, 2017

Hillside Hydro logo

Hillside Hydro

Portable Hydroelectric generator for the outdoors

Hillside Hydro is a portable hydroelectric generator that utilizes the power of small bodies of moving water to charge your electronic devices.

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Team Members:

Hunter Hartshorne, co-Founder | Tepper, 2020
Jasper White, co-Founder | Hobart and Williams Smith, Engineering 2019

Vendor Inventory Connections logo

Inventory Connections

Sell more. Count less.

Inventory Connection provides a platform allowing vendors to receive real-time product data empowering Sales Representatives to spend more time selling and less time counting.


Team Members: 
Kerolos Mikaeil, ECE and Engineering & Public Policy, 2017
John Lipari, Trinity College, Economics and Biomedical Engineering, 2017

KOPO logo


The power to purify at the cost of a disposable water bottle.

Kopo creates culturally appropriate, sustainable solutions to developing-world problems. Using passive solar energy, the Kopo can make river water safe to drink, and the Kopo roller significantly reduces the time and effort required to transport water. 

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Team Members:
Jesse Thornburg, CEO | CIT PhD, 2019
Jon Brooks, Head of Business Partnerships and R&D
Abhinav Gautam, Marketing and Media | CIT B.S., 2016
Brandon Ortiz, Chemical and Materials Engineering, R&D | CIT B.S., 2017
Jane Lien, User Experience | M.A., 2015 
Jordan Brooks | Mechanical Engineering

MyGreenImpact logo


Connect. Reduce. Save.

MyGreenImpact automatically tracks your home’s environmental impact and recommends customized products and actions to help you save resources and money.

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Team Members: 
Kyle Gracey, Co-Founder | CIT, Engineering and Public Policy Ph.D., 2019
Colin Rohlfing, Co-Founder

NeighborYou logo


Foursquare for conferences, conventions, and trade shows.

NeighborYou is mobile software with a service that makes finiding things to do at events seamless. Finally, a conferences app that doesn't suck.

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Team Members: 
Brandon Schmuck | ECE 2017
Amolak Nagi | ECE 2018
Ethan Bence | Business Admin, Statistics 2018
Zak Slayback | Dir. of Bus. Dev., co-founder at Praxis, UPenn

NoRilla logo


Novel Research-Based Intelligent Lifelong Learning Apparatus

A mixed-reality educational platform bridging physical and virtual worlds to improve children's science learning and enjoyment in a collaborative way. It uses depth camera sensing to provide immediate personalized feedback while children experiment in their everyday physical environment. 
(Founded 2014) (Current)

Team Members:

Nesra Yannier | HCII, PhD, 2016
Ken Koedinger | HCII (Advisor)
Scott Hudson | HCII (Advisor)

Processly logo


We are your infinite freeform online whiteboard, designed for the modern classroom.

Processly is an adaptive learning web platform that uses an infinite digital whiteboard making it easy for teachers and schools to apply modern teaching methods in the classroom. We make it easy for students to document, reflect, and communicate within a collaborative environment throughout their process, all the while providing key insights to teachers and the school. 

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Team Members:
Albert Topdjian | BFA 2017
Rehan Butt | BA 2016, MTID 2018
Luke Hottinger | BS 2017
Eddy Man Kim

quick connections logo

Quick Connections

Connect to your world
Quick Connections brings Smart Business Cards & Business Solutions to the market. Quick Connections aims to grow and retain your network by 10X with its advanced IoT and Cloud technologies.


Team Members:
Gus Jenkins, CEO | ECE, E&TIM 2018
Adam Blazczak, CTO | ECE 2015

RoBotany logo


Revolutionizing Vertical Farming With Automated Robotics

RoBotany is automating the commercial vertical farming industry by creating mobile robotic solutions that increase labor efficiency by 25 percent, double crop output and provide an unprecedented level of data collection to improve farm operations.

Web | Facebook

Team Members:
Austin Webb, CEO | Tepper MBA, 2017
Austin Lawrence, co-founder
Brac Webb, CTO
Daniel Seim, COO

Comyoot logo


Interactive tools and services to create virtual reality films.

StitchBridge is developing a serviece platform and tools to help creators make interactive virtual reality films. We also consult on client projects to create interactive virtual reality content.

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Team Members:
Sarabeth Boak, co-fouder, President | ETC, Masters, 2017
Jaehee Cho, co-founder, Creative Director | ETC, Masters, 2016

Comyoot logo

Toyz Electronics

Empowering the diverse & innovative future

We provide accessible, sustainable, and affordable hardware that can be utilized by diverse developers to bring innovation solutions to societal challenges. We conduct innovation conferences that engage the most diverse community in the tech industry.


Team Members:
Damola Idowu, CEO, Syracuse University/Howard University, Mechanical Engineering & Economics
Quincy Taylor, Marketing and Promotions
Andre Kenan, Manufacturing and Logistics, China
Wole Idowu, CTO, CMU, CIT, 2017
Dina Yerlan, PM, CMU, CIT, 2017
Stephen Thomas-Dorin, Engineer, CMU, SCS, 2020
Malcolm Fitts, Engineer, CMU, CIT, 2019
Winston Chin, Developer, CMU, CIT, 2019
Jeena Yin, Developer, CMU, SCS, 2020
Vince Garcia, Developer, CMU, MCS, 2020

Viazi logo


Doing the hard scheduling tasks for you.

Viazi creates customizable solutions to complex scheduling problems. We have saved our clients thousands of hours of labor, and we can do the same for you.

Team Members:
Isaac Rudich, Co-Founder & CEO | Tepper BS 2017 & CFA BFA 2017
Avi Rudich & CTO | ECE 2020

VIT logo


Concept. Innovate. Redefine.

VIT is a consumer electronics company focusing on bringing the advancements of medical and biotechnology to the masses. VIT aims to change an industry lacking consumer-driven designs and functionalities by providing simple, elegant solutions. (Founded 2014) (Current)


Team Members:
Andy Chan, CEO
Alex O'Neill, CTO
Connor Young, COO