Carnegie Mellon University


Farm to Flame Energy


Manufacturing of biomass powered generators for use in underdeveloped countries.

Heart I/O

Heart I/O has developed the world's most intelligent electrocardiogram (ECG) algorithm. We can interpret signal and image data more accurately than some of the world's leading cardiologists. Within seconds, we can identify the type and location of any cardiovascular event.

Impact Proteomics

Impact Proteomics provides advanced solutions for protein handling, including proteome sample preparation, bulk protein processing and rapid protein analysis methods, to help answer important questions about proteins, the proteome and diseases.

Keelboat Capital

"This is a search fund."
We are searching for a strong, proven, American businesses to acquire and operate. As a business owner, you have spent years building your company's value, culture, and operations. Our goal is to help you monetize the value of your business while extending its legacy and impact on the community.


Designs and creates pet clothing and accessories by UpCycling (recycling and re-purposing) used materials.

AI voice analytics software for enterprise clients.

Yodel Labs

Introducing the Acoustic Location Processing System (ALPS), a centimeter-level accurate indoor positioning system for off-the-shelf smartphones and tablets.


At ZODAJ, we are bound by a shared commitment to tackling Africa’s most pressing issues-- one issue at a time.

In 2018, our founders at Carnegie Mellon University came together with a hope to promote growth and development of the African continent. Since our founding, ZODAJ has grown to become a diverse team of various backgrounds, disciplines, and perspectives, all fueled by a common goal to unlock Africa’s potential.

Through individual projects under ZODAJ, we restlessly strive to develop and implement effective solutions that come to our attention, such as education, sustainability, and developmental policies.