Carnegie Mellon University


Vertical, soilless aeroponic farms.

Audition Tech

Over-the-counter hearing aid technology for people with low to moderate hearing loss.

Bito Robotics

Autonomous vehicles for shipping goods in factories.

Bloomfield AI

Bloomfield Robotics is developing a collection of technologies designed to acquire and analyze high resolution measurements in agricultural environments.

Building Ideas Group (BIG)

Systems for data collection, analytics and visualization on energy usage to reveal actionable information for building occupants, managers and owners.

Carnegie Debate

Debate club that seeks to inspire courage and conversation; to stimulate, provoke, and open young minds.

Ekto VR

Robotic shoes for VR FPS games. Enables indefinite walking in virtual environments from the confines of a finite physical space.

Four Growers

Harvesting robots for greenhouses, starting with the harvesting of tomatoes.

Researchers at CMU are developing a suite of software for autonomous navigation of unmanned aerial vehicles, to enable obstacle avoidance, scene analysis, object detection and data collection.


Supports 2-4 searches a year to look for a company to acquire with the direct support of business development experts and current and former executives


modular and portable inventory solution for maker spaces

Lifeware Labs

Quick-sensing, portable vital-checking sticker.

Greenhouse monitoring and sensing system that combines IOT, robotics, AI, and data analytics to help farmers grow more with less.

Rise and Grind

Anti-hangover remedy that relieves common symptoms before and after a period of heavy drinking.

Root Health Coach

App platform that connects patients with chronic disease to a virtual nutritionist to provide clinically supported enhanced medical nutritional therapy.


focusing on creating interactive, live action VR, using 360-videos and mobile devices. We're currently developing software that will allow non-technical users to create their own interactive, 360-VR experiences.


TalkMeUp empowers you with insights to communicate brilliantly


Energy harvesting diode that can convert ambient heat into electricity for powering sensors, cell phones, laptops, and room AC.


The Zensors platform can utilize any off-the-shelf camera system and convert it into an array of smart sensors to provide an actionable real time data feed. The system brings the promise of IoT into offices, shops and restaurants using our sensing AI allows users to get real time data on critical business questions.