Carnegie Mellon University



Arieca is a materials technology company that creates soft rubber composites that have unique electrical and thermal properties. Their main product, “thubber,” is a rubber composite that has mechanical properties of soft silicone while having heat conducting properties approaching stainless steel.

BioHybrid Solutions

Next-generation biopolymer hybrids, tailoring the activity and stability of proteins and enzymes for a wide range of applications including therapeutics, bioenergy, industrial catalysis, biosensors, and medical devices.

Human Motion Technologies

High-performance tethered robotic exoskeletons and prostheses.


Petuum endeavors to provide an Omni-source, Omni-lingual, and Omni-mount platform that serves the full spectrum of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning applications. We empower organizations to create AI/ML solutions that are correct, fast, scalable, and consume minimal computing resources.


Image analysis software to detect potholes, cracks and other irregularities in roads; obstructions of traffic signs; and snow removal status. Mounted on the windshield of a car, a camera captures images of the street which are then sent to the company for analytics.

Shine Registry

Shine Registry hosts profiles of businesses and their founders with wedding registry-style lists of the stuff that they need. Founders ask for support while they are starting their businesses and give their communities an opportunity to show that support in meaningful and substantive ways.

Toyz Electronics

Democratize access to technology by providing affordable, sustainable, capable, and accessible connected devices.


Creating a series of engaging educational software tools that combine art and programming to allow students to transition from basic, computational thinking programs such as MIT Scratch, to actual, programming experiences. Originally, we will start by using The Wick Editor, an online tool designed to create animations and games by combining art with computer programming.