Carnegie Mellon University


101 Edu

101 Edu builds mobile-first teaching and assessment tools specifically for college STEM courses


Big data for small business

Bridge for Billions

An online incubator with the objective of impulsing early-stage projects from around the world. We offer a program based on three pillars: learn by doing, support and advice from mentors and join our community of global entrepeneurs to share your experience with.


Building the world's most affordable open-source human-size robots for students, educators, researchers and hobbyists.


ComYoot is a social ride sharing app that revolutionizes how people belonging to similar communities travel, making traveling between and within cities ubiquitous and hassle free.


App that accelerates container migration and moves applications to secure containers in minutes for programs.


Online studying/education tool for math and science.

Fifth Season

RoBotany is transforming modern indoor agriculture with automated robotics and software analytics.


AI-based learning platform that uses available but unused energy data to provide ancillary services to the utility grid.


Online platform for creative design ideas. hybrid system for tractor-trailers, reducing their fuel consumption up to 30% with an ROI of less than 1 year.


An aluminum-based replacement for phosphates and primers for metal surfaces that will ultimately be painted or powder coated.


Automated environmental impact tracker and sustainable products recommendation engine.

Rapid Flow Technologies

Researchers at CMU are developing smart traffic light controls (Surtrac), that autonomously and in a distributed manner, adjust the duration of light cycles based on real-time visual analysis of traffic flow. Field studies in the East Liberty neighborhood of Pittsburgh have demonstrated an improvement in traffic flow of over 20%.They have received a DoT SBIR grant.

Invention name: SURTRAC