Carnegie Mellon University



Airviz Inc., a spinoff from the CREATE Lab at the Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Institute, is the creator of Speck, an indoor air quality monitor. and pollution mapping. Our goal is to empower everyday citizens to improve the air they breathe.

Docket: 2014-112


AnCure is a medical device company that is focused on improved treatment of brain aneurysms using drug eluting coils. Ancure received an SBIR grant in 2015.

Classroom Salon

Interface, workflows, and algorithms that assists teachers of any kind in student activity and engagement.

Forest Devices

Stroke is the number one leading cause of disability because delays in treatment lead to life-long impairments. Forest Devices non-invasive, diagnostic technology can identify stroke in ambulances, nursing homes and other pre-hospital environments.

Titan Robotics

Researchers from the National Robotics Engineering Center (NREC) at CMU are developing an environmentally friendly system to remove paint and coatings from aircraft. This scalable system uses a powerful laser stripping tool and state-of-the-art mobile robotswhile reducinghazardous waste, air emissions, maintenance costs, and processing time. Docket: 13-176

VIT Initiative

VIT is a health, safety and human capital performance company which designs and deploys employee self-monitoring, feedback and training technologies to rapidly prevent and reduce highly prevalent musculoskeletal injuries.