Carnegie Mellon University



Calibrace+, an orthotic back brace to improve posture for people with neuromuscular diseases and posture discomfort.


NetBeez is a SaaS company that has developed a real-time, distributed, performance monitoring solution that detects network and application problems before users do. The platform monitors LAN, WAN, and WiFi networks from the user perspective, measuring and reporting KPI of service quality. NetBeez enables enterprise organizations to cut costs and reduce downtime by allowing IT to quickly detect, troubleshoot, and repair network issues.


PieceMaker helps companies across industries successfully introduce interactive product customization and 3D printing experiences into their unique markets.


Solvvy is a machine learning startup reinventing the customer experience. delivers a better self-service platform that improves customer satisfaction and decreases costs for businesses.


Platform to match startups with mentors and $. SparkMeter offers comprehensive low-cost metering solutions for everything from rural micro-grids to existing urban central grid utilities. Our products help make access to electricity possible in hard-to-reach places and underserved markets

Wise Telemetry

Allows industrial and specialty gas providers to see real-time customer demand and enhance supply chain efficiency through the use of wireless technology, fluid mechanics, and data analytics


Zenrez provides fitness studios industry leading sales and marketing software