Carnegie Mellon University



Accel Diagnostics

BioTech/Medical Devices

Accel Diagnostics is a medical technology company developing pScreenTM, a disposable protein test for the diagnosis, monitoring and management of a wide variety of medical conditions, including heart failure, cancer, osteoperosis, critical pregnancy, and infectious diseases. AccelDx's solution disrupts the current diagnostic market and creates new market opportunities in the Home and Point-of-Care settings. Funded by Innovation Works. Accel received a NIH SBIR grant in 2012.




Balloon is a research-backed platform that unlocks ideas and feedback from a group by eliminating groupthink and amplifying voices. We’re rebuilding the way teams collaborate, making them more productive, innovative, informed, and inclusive.


Brew Gentlemen Beer Co.

Food & Beverage

Brew Gentlemen focuses on creating soft, balanced, and elegant beers, in their Braddock, PA home since 2014.


Digital Dream Labs


Our launch product is an interactive tabletop for large spaces (ie museums, science centers) that teaches children abstract computer science principles through a unique puzzle piece interface. We aim to then transfer the experience to the iPad, where deeper learning can take place in the home.


Neon Labs

Artifical Intelligence

Neon provides a visual content performance platform to help customers identify images that improve user click rates.




Small, low cost autonomous boats capable of operating autonomously in calm water.


Qualaris Healthcare Solutions


Software that leverages existing hospital IT infrastructure to monitor and improve clinical practices through information delivery.


Sole Power


Access to portable power is a huge problem across industries and in our daily lives. SolePower's goals are to give a power boost to the electronics that we rely on everyday, and to create "unplugged" new tech that never dies. Portable tech can be powered solely by a person moving, and SolePower is enabling it.




Treatspace is an award-winning, multi-faceted healthcare platform that enables high-performance referral management, powers online patient engagement, and facilitates clinical collaboration. Since it’s inception in 2012, Treatspace has been disrupting and improving critical healthcare processes that no longer work in a rapidly changing regulatory and reimbursement landscape.
Backed by a data-driven team and principal investors, their innovations in interoperability, analytic measurement, and transfer of clinical data continually succeeds in areas where existing Electronic Health Record (EHR) and other applications cannot. Most notably, Treatspace changes the way primary care, specialty care, and hospital-based systems collaborate in closed-loop referral management and care coordination.