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Browse below to see the list of graduated PROBEs (PRoblem-Oriented Business Explorations) at Project Olympus. A key goal is to augment and accelerate the process of moving basic research and great ideas to development and business stages, with licensing, spin-offs, start-ups and corporate collaboration and partnering.

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Providing spinal comfort and support.

Courtney Williamson, CEO | Tepper Ph.D. Candidate
Noah Papas, CTO

AE Dreams

Children's products that inspire real world adventure.

Alysia Finger, Co-Founder | Tepper 2014, CFA 2014
Albert Niko Triulzi, Co-Founder | CFA 2014

Aero Laboratories

Provides automated asset management through intelligent data acquisitions and drone analytics.

James Laney, Founder | Heinz 2017
Constantin Baumgartner | Heinz 2017
Dhaannesh Veerendran | Heinz 2017


A series of transformational software products that enable access to any application or file on a remote computer, network storage, or cloud service from a mobile device.

Anurekh Saxena, Founder
Tejavi, Co-Founder
Chukwuezugo Nwosu, Co-Founder | Tepper MBA 2010

Aurochs Brewing

All of our brews are 100% naturally gluten-free.

Ryan Bove, Co-Founder | Tepper MBA 2012
Doug Foster, Co-Founder
Ryan Husted | Tepper MBA 2013
Dave Lishego | Tepper MBA 2012
Jonathan Matusky | Tepper MBA 2012
Dave Rasmussen


Technology that removes bias from group work and decision-making.

Amanda Greenburg, Co-Founder, CEO
Noah Bornstein, Co-Founder, CTO | MHCI 2013


BeatBots are social robots designed for interaction and research with children.

Dr. Marek Michalowski | Robotics Institute 2010
Dr. Hideki Kozima, Professor at Miyagi University, Sendai, Japan


Optimizing deliveries. Saving money.

Eric Wise, Founder, CEO | M.S. Mech/Engineering 2014
James Davis, Lead Engineer | Electrical/Software Engineer 2016

*Alumni in Residence at Project Olympus*

Brew Gentlemen Beer Co.

Craft brewery located in the historic steel town of Braddock, PA.

Matt Katase, Co-Founder, CEO | MCS 2012
Asa Foster, Co-Founder, CCO | CFA 2012
Alonzo Benavides, CTO | SCS, MCS 2012

Bridge for Billions

Structure, Develop, and Launch your Business. The online incubator for early-stage ventures.

Pablo Santaeufemia, Co-Founder, CEO
Jessica Kou, Co-Founder, CDO
Edgar Salazar, Co-Founder, CTO

Carbon Freight

Carbon Freight develops ultra-light pallets and containers that deliver as little as half of the fuel burn of traditional containers, while also decreasing the impact of repair events.

John Deiser | MCS, Physics 2015
Glenn Philen | CIT 2015


CoachMe is a web-based tennis video analysis tool that features automatic statistics gathering and comprehensive match analysis.

Aneesh Devi, Founder, CEO | ECE 2011


Comvibe is a web-based management tool and social networking platform to stream live landlord and tenant communication, homestead management for tenants, and tenant management and marketing for landlords.

Kariithi Kilemi, CEO | Tepper MBA 2011
Stuart Sheppard, COO
Chester Jack, CTO

Digital Dream Labs

Digital Dream Labs offers interactive tabletop experience that combines puzzle blocks with virtual environment to teach children abstract computer science principles such as objects, properties (size, action), arrays (colors), variables, and copy & paste.

Matt Stewart | M.A., Entertainment Technology 2012
Justin Sabo | M.A., Entertainment Technology 2012
Peter Kinney | M.A., Entertainment Technology 2013


Dynamics produces and manufactures intelligent poweres cards such as advanced payment card.

Jeffrey Mullen | Tepper MBA 2009


Flagtag brings users gamified incentives via an augmented reality capture the flag game.

Omar El-Sadany, CEO | CMU 2016
Jesse Mendelson, CMO | CMU 2016
Ramsey Natour, CTO | CMU 2016

*Alumni in Residence*


Hyliion is creating an add-on hybrid module for tractor trailers that will improve driver's quality of life, reduce harmful greenhouse gas emission, and reduce fuel consumption upward of 20%.

Thomas Healy, Founder | MBA 2015
Hayden Cardiff, Founder | MBA 2016


Innovesca is a food technology company that produces high quality, all-natural ingredients with optimized nutrition from underutilized plants in developing regions.

Mary Beth Wilson, Co-Founder | BioMedical Engineering, Ph.D. 2013
Chris Hayek, Dir. Bus. Dev.


Itinu is a personalized travel planning website that makes it easier and faster to plan a trip that aters to the traveler's specific needs and interest.

Getta Ahroff | SCS 2010
Mahvish Nagda | H&SS 2012


Kermdinger is a video game development studio that builds viral comedic video games which allow players to create humor, not just experience it, and then share their funny creations online via popular social networks.

Anthony Palma, CEO | ETC 2012
Ethan Gagorik, 3D Modeler, Animator | ETC 2012
Russell Mester, 2D Concept & Texture Artist | ETC 2012
Ross Treyz, Game Designer | ETC 2012


Creates hardware and software solutions to broadcast signals in distress situations. (Founded 2015).

Alan Fu | MS, CIT 2014
Siri Ramos | MS, CIT 2014
Jayon Wang | MBA 2013

Midnight Madness Distilling

Midnight Madness Distilling (MMD) is the creator of Spectre, a Swiss-imported liqueur made from Alpine herbs and will launch this brand in early 2015. To generate revenue during brand development, MMD sells craft spirits under the brand Fortis, as well as numerous private label spirits across Pennsylvania. (Founded 2014)

Anthony Lorubbio, CEO | BS, 2013
Doug Heckman, CSO | BS, 2013
Casey Parzych, President | BS, CIT 2016

Open Curriculum

OpenCurriculum is an online platform to create, access and share K-12 learning material. (Founded 2012)

Varun Arora | MS, 2012
Zeinab Mohamed | BS, CIT 2012


Personal Health Recording for Quality of Life (PHRQL, pronounced freckle), a Pittsburgh-based software development firm, has created an enterprise level electronic health record (EHR) system for medical nutrition therapy (MNT) that enables registered dieticians in retail grocery settings or independent practices to help customers develop healthy eating plans for general health and wellness, or to manage diabetes, heart disease or other chronic conditions. (Founded 2011)

Paul Sandberg, CEO | MBA, 2011
Kumaril Bhattacharya, CTO


Current 3D printing technology has not fully realized the value and possibilities inherent in affordable home fabrication. PieceMaker, a 3D Printer designed for personal use within the mass market of the general public will create a world where every individual has the power to create. (Founded 2013)

Arden Rosenblatt, CEO | MS, E&TIM, Mech Eng, 2014
Alejandro Sklar, CTO | MS, E&TIM, ECE, 2014
Shantanu Chakraborty, Application Developer | MS, CIT 2014


Computer-aided learning games that improve educational access for millions of children internationally by using a $10 computer as a platform for open-source games as well as teach STEM skills. (Founded 2010)

Derek Lomas, Co-Founder | Ph.D., SCS 2015
Daniel Rehn, Co-Founder
Jeremy Douglass, Co-Founder


Leverages existing hospital IT infrastructure to monitor and improve clinical practices through information delivery. We combine an expertise in machine learning and large-scale computation to provide patient safety insights. We deliver information and reminders to make safe patient care easier for healthcare professionals while improving the care experience for patients. (Founded 2011)

James Wolfe, CEO | MBA, 2012
Craig Teegarden, VP Engineering | Ph.D., 2012
Scott Fisk, VP Technology
Daniel Bishop, Ph.D., 2013


A low-cost pediatric vision scanner that diagnoses amblyopia and strabismus, the leading causes of vision loss in children at the earliest stages when preventative measures can be taken. The Pediatric Vision Scanner (PVS) is a device that in a quick 2.5-second scan of the eyes can automatically detect strabismus, amblyopia, and other serious eye conditions in children as young as 2 years of age. (Founded 2009)

David G. Hunter, MD, PhD, Founder, board member, and scientific advisor
Justin G. Shaka, Co-Founder | MBA, 2011


Patient Care Platform for connecting patients and nurses. Our goal is to provide interactive patient care products for capturing the “Quality of Care” in Healthcare. (Founded 2014)

Srinath Vaddepally, Founder and CEO | E&TIM 2012, ECE 2013


A non-invasive medical device/technology for diagnosing early pressure ulcers. Rubitect will help healthcare institutions manage pressure ulcers (PUs) more effectively by improving the accuracy of early pressure ulcer diagnosis. The Rubitect addresses the clinical problems associated with the subjective manual blanch test, the clinical standard by providing a reliable and quantitative method for diagnosing PUs. (Founded 2011)

Sanna Gaspard, Founder and CEO | Ph.D., CIT