Carnegie Mellon University

Eleanor Haglund

Eleanor Haglund

Lead Coach, The Hermes Project


Eleanor Haglund is a public speaking expert and Lead Coach at The Hermes Project. She has used her pitching expertise to found two previous startups in the publishing and the healthcare spaces. She harnesses that experience and her performance training (over 12 years of acting and singing) to help professionals present their message in a clear and compelling way.

An experienced public speaker, Eleanor has won awards in several startup competitions, including the McGinnis Competition, the CMU Venture Challenge, and Hack-a- Startup. She is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University’s Creative Writing program


Need some feedback or coaching before a big pitch? Do you feel like you are almost ready but would like to practice in front of an audience? Schedule time to ensure your message shines through. I will work with you to enhance your body language, confidence, and communication skills until it feels natural and comfortable.