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NSF I-Corps Site Teams Spring 2018

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5 Star Rating Improvement Tool

We help lowest performing skilled nursing facilities to identify opportunities to improve their overall 5-star rating using data-driven recommendations and analytics

Team Members:
Srinath Vaddepally, Entrepreneurial Lead, CEO & Founder
Eric Dudik, SNF industry advisor
Harinath Vaddepally, Software engineer

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Identity is central to managing trust relations in cyber space. Our technologies introduce novel methods to form and validating identity to empower hastily formed and dynamic communication networks.

Team Members:
Will Casey, Entrepreneurial Lead, Senior Member of Technical Staff, Software Engineering Institute
Bud Mishra, Academic Lead, Professor, NYU
Yang Cai, Senior Systems Scientist, Cylab
Jose Morales, Software Engineering Institute
Ama Boateng, Student, Software Engineering Institute


Collie logo


Collie is an online platform dedicated to growing businesses through developing a community of experts and using real business data to drive the decisions of scaling. We provide a dashboard that integrates the data you use to run your business, allowing you to see how your business is performing and address the factors that make the difference between flailing and scaling. Even better, we provide help in times when data alone can’t solve a problem through our expert community of business owners and Collie concierges who can provide support, advice and insight when and where you need it.

Team Members:
Jamie Boudreaux, Entrepreneurial Lead, CEO, MBA candidate, Tepper School of Business
Erin Boudreaux, CMO, MA, Chatham University
Jake Cervilla, Team Member, MBA candidate, Tepper School of Business

ConvMind logo


ConvMind's vision is to democratize the latest conversational AI technologies. We provide an end-to-end service that allows any enterprises or individuals to easily create customized, high-performance, deep-learning-driven chatbots at very low cost.

Team Members:
Tiancheng Zhao, Entrepreneurial Lead, PhD in LTI, SCS
Dr. Maxine Eskenazi, Academic Lead, Principal Systems Scientist, LTI, SCS
Kyusong Lee, Postdoc at LTI, SCS
Yilian Liu, University of Pittsburgh


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CyberTalent provides companies a platform to conduct interviews specialized for system administrators, network administrators, and cyber-security roles. These interviews use virtualization to simulate realistic scenarios and networks that a professional would actually manage in the work environment.

Team Members:
Adam Tse, Entrepreneurial Lead, MS in Information Security student at Information Networking Institute
Kathleen Carley, Academic Lead, Professor, Institute for Software Research, SCS
Nicholas Cifranic CMU Alumnus - Cofounder

[ H - M ]

Heart IO logo

Heart I/O

Heart I/O has developed the world's most intelligent electrocardiogram (ECG) algorithm. We can interpret signal and image data more accurately than some of the world's leading cardiologists. Within seconds, we can identify the type and location of any cardiovascular event.

Team Members:
Nick Flanigan, Entrepreneurial Lead
Utkars Jain
Adam Butchy
Michael Leasure
Monica Liu



I-Corps icon

Hikari Labs

We have developed a continuous monitoring infrastructure to collect data from online anonymous marketplaces ("dark web"). In addition to producing generic statistics for use by governments and NGOs, we can assist companies' brand protection efforts by performing specialized queries to determine quite precisely how much certain products are being sold.

Team Members:
Jeremy Thomas, Entrepreneurial Lead
Nicolas Christin, Academic Lead, Associate Research Professor, SCS/ISR and EPP 
Kyle Soska, Lead Scientist

ICO logo

Iron City Oxidations

ICO is commercializing products and processes based on NewTAML catalysts, a new series of homogenous oxidation catalysts recently designed and developed in the Institute for Green Science at Carnegie Mellon University (IGS). The resting catalysts are stable, safe to produce and transport, red, crystalline, iron salts, and when very low concentrations of the resting catalysts are placed in water with a low concentration of an oxidant (usually safe and environmentally friendly hydrogen peroxide), the resting catalysts form active catalysts that produce 'fire in water' to burn targeted compounds at room temperature and near-neutral pH.

Team Members:
Matthew A. DeNardo, Entrepreneurial Lead, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Department of Chemistry
Allan C. Jackson III, External Business Lead, Dartmouth College
Terrence J. Collins, Academic Lead, Teresa Heinz Professor of Green Chemistry
Yogesh Somasundar, ABD Ph.D. candidate, Department of Chemistry

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Processly icon


Processly is an adaptive learning web platform that uses an infinite digital whiteboard making it easy for teachers and schools to apply modern teaching methods in the classroom. We make it easy for students to document, reflect, and communicate within a collaborative environment throughout their process, all the while providing key insights to teachers and the school.

Team Members:
Albert Topdjian, Entrepreneurial Lead, Business Development, Design, BS Industrial Design
Rehan Butt, Design, Frontend Development, Masters Student in Tangible Interaction Design
Luke Hottinger, Backend Development, BS Information Systems
Eddy Man Kim, Advisor, Assistant Teaching Professor School of Architecture

Root Health logo

Root Health

Root Health analyzes patient behavior and emotions and provides adaptive, personalized treatment at the right time. Root Health sells its mobile AI health platform to companies providing health coaching services so they can increase their revenues through better outcomes and reduce their costs through scale.

Team Members:
Raj Sharma, Entrepreneurial Lead & Co-founder, Masters student, Tepper School of Business
Eric Ghildyal, Co-founder/CTO and backend developer, University of Pittsburgh, Computer Science
Kevan Dodhia, Machine Learning developer, Electrical and Computer Engineering, CMU
Rakesh Chatrath, Front end developer, Bioinformatics and Applied Math, University of Pittsburgh
Cara Pizzorusso, Marketing, University of Pittsburgh
Will Kaigler, Business Mentor


Smart Electronic Stickers

Smart Electronic Stickers

Customizable smart electronic stickers that can gather information (mechanical, electrical, thermal) about everyday objects, industrial equipment, or robotics without direct integration with the system. The electronic stickers are cheap, small in size, light weight, and the inherent adhesiveness of the patch allow them to bond to a variety of surfaces.

Team Members:
Eric Markvicka, Entrepreneurial Lead, Ph.D. candidate in Robotics Institute
Carmel Majidi, Academic Lead, Associate Professor Mechanical Engineering


I-Corps icon

We're an early stage startup building AI voice analytics software for enterprise clients. We are building a platform that unlocks the treasure trove of information contained in the human voice by commercializing technology from CMU's Language Technologies Institute.

Team Members:
Satya Venneti, Entrepreneurial Lead, Co-founder, Software Engineering Institute
Rita Singh, Academic Lead, Co-founder, Research Faculty, LTI
Bhiksha Raj, Advisor, Associate Professor, LTI

Wick logo


Creating a series of engaging educational software tools that combine art and programming to allow students to transition from basic, computational thinking programs such as MIT Scratch, to actual, programming experiences. Originally, we will start by using The Wick Editor, an online tool designed to create animations and games by combining art with computer programming.

Team Members:
Luca Damasco, Entrepreneurial Lead, Master of Human-Computer Interaction Candidate 
Tom Hughes, Academic Lead, Associate Director, Studio for Creative Inquiry
Zachary Rispoli, CCO, BFA
GiaGiananthony Damasco, COO, MBA Long Island University



The Zensors platform can utilize any off-the-shelf camera system and convert it into an array of smart sensors to provide an actionable real time data feed. The system brings the promise of IoT into offices, shops and restaurants using our sensing AI allows users to get real time data on critical business questions.

Team Members:
Anhong Guo, Entrepreneurial Lead, Ph.D. candidate in HCII
Chris Harrison, Academic Lead, Assistant Professor, HCII
Anuraag Jain, Founder, HCII
Gierad Laput, Founder, HCII
Jeffrey Bigham, Advisor, Associate Professor, HCII