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NSF I-Corps Site Teams Spring 2017

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AIDE: Artificial Intelligence based Diagnosis coding Engine

AIDE provides accurate automated inference of ICD-10 diagnosis codes from EMR (electronic medical record) and affiliated data sources including free text information, laboratory and imaging data.

Team Members:
Xun Zheng,Entrepreneurial Lead, Ph.D. Student, CMU School of Computer Science/Machine Learning
Pradeep Ravikumar, Academic Lead, Professor, CMU School of Computer Science/Machine Learning
Dr. Piyush Mathur, MD, Mentor, Cleveland Clinic
Jeremy Weiss, Assistant Professor, CMU Heinz College, Health Informatics
Dr. Frank Papay, Cleveland Clinic
Benjamin Oster, JD, LLM, MS, Cleveland Clinic
Mangone Fall, Cleveland Clinic

Hierarchical Machine Learning logo


Focused on commercial applications of a new methodology for machine learning that integrates statistical and physical modeling to provide analysis and predictions of functionality.

Team Members:
Aditya Menon, Entrepreneurial Lead, Ph.D. student, CMU College of Engineering
Newell Washburn, Academic Lead, Associate Professor, Mellon College of Science Chemistry and Biomedical Engineering
Ed Engler, Mentor, CMU Entrepreneurial faculty

BehAIvior logo


Aims to predict and prevent drug addiction relapses using artificial intelligence. Dashboards for parole/probation officers and apps and wearable devices for addicts will advance addiction recovery, reduce court system costs and prevent overdoses.

Team Members:
Paula Levin, CMU Heinz School for Public Policy and Management alumna
James Tiu, Entrepreneurial Lead, Xavier University and University of Cincinnati College of Law
Jeremy Guttman, Academic Lead, University of Pittsburgh/Treatspace
Ryan O’Shea, PR/media and business, University of Pittsburgh 
Ellie Gordon, UI/UX developer, Duquesne University
Lisa Rubin, programmer, database manager, University of Pittsburgh


BlastPoint logo


BlastPoint allows you to tell the story of a place, in seconds. Municipalities, community and economic developers, and other organizations have trouble communicating their value to funding agencies, policy makers, and other stakeholders. BlastPoint is a geographically contextualized big data application that allows non-expert users to quickly aggregate and visualize information about the populations and communities they serve. Thus enabling them to better communicate and act on the insights gained.

Team Members:
Derek Gregg, Entrepreneurial Lead and Head of Business Development, MBA student, Tepper School of Business
Dave Mawhinney, Academic Lead, Swartz Center for Entrepreneurship and Tepper School of Business faculty
Alison Alvarez, CEO, Tepper School of Business alumna
Tomer Borenstein, CTO, CMU Electrical & Computer Engineering alumnus

BuildSim logo


Harnessing the powerful GIT and advanced data mining technology, BuildSimHub is an innovative big data management and cross-functional collaboration platform tailored for building energy modeling. We are trying to create a data-driven and agile development framework for architecture industry.

Team Members:
Weili Xu, Entrepreneurial/Academic Lead, Ph.D. student, CMU School of Architecture/CBPD
Zheng Zhang, CMO, Boston University
Haopeng Wang, CTO, CMU School of Architecture/CBPD


EXAID logo


EXAID is a Healthcare-Artificial Intelligence company providing a Clinical Trial Matching application to empower Oncologists to improve patient outcomes and the quality of care, and a Patient recruitment application to pharmaceutical companies to drive adoption rates and quicken drug validation process.

Team Members:
Sandeep Konam, Entrepreneurial/Academic Lead, Masters student, CMU Robotics Institute
Arthur Boni, Mentor, Professor, Tepper School of Business 
Udit Mehrotra, CFO, MBA student, Tepper School of Business
Dr. Kathan Mehta, UPMC
Dr. Schumarry Chao, USC

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Life ware Labs logo

Lifeware Labs (formerly Zerosuit)

Aims to manufacture rolls of low-cost wearable patches with embedded sensing and wireless transmission. Material will sense biological data like heart rate, temperature, blood oxygenation, etc, and will likely be sold to military and hospital agencies.

Team Members:
Alexi Charalambides, PostDoc, CMU Mechanical Engineering
Carmel Majidi, Academic Lead, Professor, CMU Mechanical Engineering
Brian Stancil, Business lead, Ph.D. student, CMU Mechanical Engineering
Philip LeDuc, Business consultant, Professor, CMU Mechanical Engineering

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Nabla Ascent logo

Nabla Ascent, Inc.

We provide core AI capabilities that remove the need for pilots for drone operations. Our product is an AI software stack and hardware designs for drones that will provide a backend that allows drone application developers to focus on application development rather than autonomy. We will be the go to operating system for drones.

Team Members:
Sankalp Arora, Entrepreneurial Lead, Ph.D. student, CMU Robotics Institute
Sebastian Scherer, Academic Lead, Systems Scientist, CMU Robotics Institute
Daniel Maturana, Ph.D. student, CMU Robotics Institute
Geetesh Dubey, Masters student, CMU Robotics Institute

Smart Parking logo

Smart Parking

Our product can guide drivers to the nearest empty parking spot at an outdoor parking lot, e.g., airport parking or stadium parking lots.

Team Members:
Zhigang Ma, Entrepreneurial Lead, PostDoc, CMU School of Computer Science
Alexander G. Hauptmann, Principal Systems Scientist, CMU School of Computer Science
Robert Myer, Mentor, Swartz Center for Entrepreneurship

SpiralGen logo

SpiralGen, Inc.

SpiralGen is developing and commercializing the Spiral technology that automatically generates platform-tuned code to create performance-critical software for signal processing and a growing list of mathematical functions. Our technology not only speeds up the process of transitioning code to new platforms, but generates provably correct, high performance code.

Team Members:
Jane Opgaard, EVP Operations
Franz Franchetti, Academic Lead, Associate Professor CMU Electrical & Computer Engineering/Cylab