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NSF I-Corps Site Teams Spring 2016

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[ A - G ]

Aero Laboratories

Aero Laboratories

Aero Laboratories provides automated asset management through intelligent data acquisitions and drone analytics.

Team Members:
James Laney, Founder | Heinz 2017
Constantin Baumgartner | Heinz 2017
Dhaannesh Veerendran | Heinz 2017


Biohybrid Solutions

Biohybrid Solutions specializes in the merged field of proteins and polymers, working on both a R&D company and in direct product sales.

Team Members:
Antonina Simakova, Co-founder | MCS 2015; Post Doctoral Research Associate, Chemistry
Alan Russell, Co-founder | Highmark Distinguished Career Professor, Institute for Complex Engineered Systems and Biomedical Engineering
Kris Matyjaszewski, Co-founder | J.C.Warner University Professor Of National Science, Chemistry




ComYoot is a social ride sharing app that revolutionizes how people belonging to similar communities travel, making traveling between and within cities ubiquitous and hassle free.

Team Members:
Jameel Francis, Founder & CEO | Tepper 2018
Jared Pryor, CTO | Computer Science 2011
Harry Shao, Software Development Intern | Computer Science 2018
Gaurav Lahiry, Software Development Intern | Computer Science 2018
Prachi Bodas, Software Development Intern | Computer Science 2019
Angelina Zhou, Marketing Research & Software Development Intern | Computer Science 2018
Batuhan Erturk, Marketing & Customer Discovery | CIT 2017
Abhishek Bhatla, Marketing Analysis & Customer Discovery | Heinz 2018




Dranimate allows rapid creation of live animation from drawings and photographs. It functions as both a stand-alone mobile app and a desktop software suite.

Team Members:
Ali Momeni, Founder, CEO & CTO | Associate Professor of Art
Zachary Rispoli | CFA 2017


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EAGLE Metrix

Evaluation, Analytics, Games, Learning, and Education (EAGLE Metrix)

EAGLE Metrix provides data science solutions for complex interactive systems, such as those found in games and computer-assisted learning environments. EAGLE Metrix has a number of unique metrics that focus on social network analysis.

Team Members:
Michael Eagle, Founder & CEO | Post Doctoral Fellow, HCII


e.e. books

e. e. books is developing software that enables writers (bloggers, teachers, authors) to easily create e-books and add media (e.g. sound, interactivity, animation, dynamic footnotes) for every electronic reading device. With e. e. books, writers can build stories that produce a multi-sensory experience and stand out, building their businesses and creating unique experiences for their readers.

Team Members:
Eleanor Haglund, CEO | DC 2016
Shirley Park, Design & Product Management | ETC 2015

Glu10 (Gluten)

Glu10 is a fast and reliable gluten-sensing platform for people with gluten intolerance and celiac disease.

Team Members:
Bartlomiej Kolodziejczyk, Co-founder | Postdoctoral Fellow, Mechanical Engineering
B. Reeja Jayan, Co-founder | Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Nathan Nakamura, Researcher | CIT 2016

[ H - M ]



KOPO provides low-cost, sustainable solutions for water disinfection and transport in the developing world. The Kopo Can is a patent-pending plastic jug that uses passive solar energy to disinfect dirty water with UV and heat, while the accompanying Kopo Roller increases efficiency by transporting Kopo Cans along the ground in a culturally appropriate way.

Team Members:
Jesse Alan Thornburg, CEO | CIT 2016
Brandon Ortiz, Head of R&D, Chemistry &  Biology | CIT 2017
Abhinav Gautam, Media & Website | CIT 2016
Jon Brooks, Finance, R&D & Customer Relations
Jordan Brooks, Mechanical Engineering & Modeling



MealMatcher finds healthy food at restaurants nearby (vegan, vegetarian, gluten free).

Team Members:
George Steiner | Tepper MBA, 2016
Nick Bartel | Tepper MBA, 2016





MechaSpark provides online and offline STEM education. The learn-by-doing education is further supported by curating associated physical components and supplies to create a multimedia and multimodal environment, enhancing information absorption and retention.

Team Members:
Jason Onoda, Founder | Tepper 2018




MGBFramework develops and supports a novel, powerful and easy-to-use analytical suite for temporal data analytics. 

Team Members:
Mathieu Guillame-Bert, Creator, Designer, Developer & User | Junior Project Scientist, Robotics Institute
Cara Jones | Research Programmer & Analyst, Robotics Institute

[ N - T ]



NAYAN (Sanskrit for "eyes") is a universally compatible sensor add-on for walkers that aids in gait training with the help of an accessory smartphone app. By remotely transmitting relevant user data to  physical therapists, NAYAN provides an innovative method of monitoring patients.

Team Members:
Prasanna Natarajan, Founder & Hardware Designer | CIT 2016
Brenden Van Buren, Business Development | Tepper 2018
Christie Chong, Smartphone Interface Design | CFA 2018
Steven Ji, Smartphone Interface Design | CFA 2018
Varun Ramesh, Smartphone App Development | CIT 2018



RoBotany is automating the commercial vertical farming industry by creating mobile robotic solutions that increase labor efficiency by 25%, double crop output and provide an unprecedented level of data collection to improve farm operations.

Team Members:
Austin Webb, CEO | Tepper 2017
Austin Lawrence, CTO | Disney Research



There is developing a sensor mesh that can be contained within the interior and exterior linings of a purse that will indicate if items tagged with RFID sensors are within it or not.

Team Members:
Joshua Sirchio, Founder & CEO | Integrated Innovation Institute 2018
Shashank Sharma, Co-founder & CTO | CIT 2017


[ U - Z ]

Visionary Machines

Visionary Machines, LLC

Visionary Machines, LLC, is developing a vision-based autonomous mobile manipulator (robot) for the advanced high school market.

Team Members:
David Touretzky, Sole Proprietor | MCS 1979, MCS 1984; Research Professor, Computer Science Department, Robotics Institute
Vijay Sampath, Mechanical Engineer | CIT 2016


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Wav Diagnostics

Wav Diagnostics is developing a microfluidic device in a PMMA prism to separate cells by size, shape and other physical characteristics. The PMMA prism devices are inexpensive to fabricate and allow contactless cell or particle separation in a variety of applications.

Team Members:
Erin Dauson, Co-founder | CIT 2013, CIT 2015; Postdoctoral Research Associate, CEE
Kelvin Gregory | Associate Professor, CEE
Irving Oppenheim | Professor, CEE & Architecture
David Greve | Professor, ECE




Whisker is a web and mobile application that matches dog owners who are in need of dog sitting, boarding, or walking (SBW) services with other dog owners in their neighborhood who are willing and able to provide dog services.

Team Members:
Prativa Joshi, Founder & CEO | Tepper 2018
Guruprasad Raghavan, Co-founder, CTO & Back-end Developer | CIT 2018
Brian Kesecker, Co-founder, CIO & Front-end Developer


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Our team is working on a computer security defense system that protects security-sensitive programs by securing them in a parallel, relatively small operating system running on-demand.

Team Members:
Zongwei Zhou, Co-founder | CIT 2013, CIT 2014
Miao Yu, Co-founder | CIT 2016
Virgil Gligor, Co-founder | Professor, ECE
Huilin Hu, Marketing


Who's Hiring Me

Who's Hiring Me

Who’s Hiring Me aims to be an innovative solution to streamline the outdated recruiting industry, and hopes to provide a smooth and holistic experience for anyone looking for internships or jobs regardless of profession or skill set.

Team Members:
Andrew Feng, CEO | CIT 2017
Richard Lee, CMO | CIT 2016