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NSF I-Corps Site Teams Spring 2015

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AE Dreams

Connected Toys

At AE Dreams, our vision is to provide families with a series of connected toys, games and resources, each inspiring magical interactions and hands-on playtime. Turtle Mail, our first product, is a physical mailbox for children that allows them to receive communications from family, friends, fictional characters and toys, through daily printed messages. Turtle Mail is our first step towards an “Internet of Toys” for children!

Team Members:
Alysia Finger, Co-founder | CFA 2014, Tepper 2014
Niko Triulzi, Co-founder | CFA 2010
Airiss Finley, Market Research Analyst | DC 2015
Autumn Finger, Writer & Editor
Bryan Gardiner, Prototyper | CIT 2016
Sam Gao, Product Designer | CFA 2016
Lydia Chung, Communication Designer | CFA 2017
Olga Pogoda, Marketing Director

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Developing innovative 3D bio-printing technologies for applications in soft materials fabrication, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.

Team Members:
Adam Feinberg, Co-founder | Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering, Materials Science & Engineering
TJ Hinton | CFA 2014, CIT 2013, 2015
Rachelle Palchesko | Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Biomedical Engineering
Andrew Hudson | CIT 2014, 2015

Broken Colors, Inc.

Broken Colors, Inc. gives unprecedented insight into people's natural attention patterns.

Team Members:
Kai-Min Kevin Chang, President & CEO | SCS 2006, 2011; Research Associate, Language Technologies Institute
Yueran Yuan, CTO | SCS 2013; Research Programmer, Language Technologies Institute

ConnectWith (SitWith)

ConnectWith is a professional network building tool that connects four unacquainted people over lunch for purposeful conversation. We use social engineering and social graph analyses to diagnose and improve a company's internal professional network. Our connection and relationship matching engine for networks – or CARMEN for short – uses social psychology research to build the professional network that leaders want in their organization.

Poor company culture and turnover costs businesses in the United States an estimated $1.3T every year. By working with a leadership team, ConnectWith targets and creates the community inside a company that fights disconnectedness and turnover while encouraging innovation.
Acquired by Newton Consulting May,2016

Team Members:
Will Lutz, Co-founder & CEO | Tepper 2015
Patrick Morse, Co-founder & COO
Tyler Matteo, Lead Developer (Web Developer)
Paul Lutz, Android Developer
Vince Liu, iOS Developer | CIT 2017
Sebastian Guerrero, Backend Developer | DC 2018
Jacqueline Pan, Marketing Intern | DC 2017


Intelligent Control of Networked Energy Entities

D-PowerNet enables a networked control platform for ever increasing distributed entities, such as renewable generations and flexible loads. By turning distributed resources into intelligent grid assets, D-PowerNet’s
solutions save money for customers, enables integration of clean technologies and supports plug-and-play implementations.

Team Members:
Gabriela Hug, Co-founder | Assistant Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Soummya Kar, Co-founder | CIT 2010; Research Faculty, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Javad Mohammadi | Ph.D. Candidate, Electrical & Computer Engineering


FacioMetrics is a spin-off company from the Human Sensing Laboratory at Carnegie Mellon University that licenses technology for facial image analysis, in particular, face recognition, facial feature tracking, facial expression analysis, facial attributes (e.g., gender, ethnicity, age) and gaze tracking. Applications of the technology include (but are not limited to): retail sentiment analysis (measuring the consumer engagement with the product and seller), surveillance, facial animation, face editing (e.g., makeup applications) and marketing research.

FacioMetrics was acquired by Facebook November, 2016

Team Members:
Fernando de la Torre, Founder | Associate Research Professor, Robotics Institute
Francisco Vicente, CTO | Research Associate II, Robotics Institute
Xavi Perez-Sala, Principal Programmer

[ H - M ]


HEBI Robotics

Accelerating the Future of Robotics

HEBI Robotics is enabling the rapid development of inexpensive, high-quality and safe robotic systems through the use of intelligent robotic modules.

Team Members:

Howie Choset | Professor, Robotics Institute
Dave Rollinson | Project Scientist, Robotics Institute
Florian Enner | Software Engineer, Robotics Institute

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Invisible Intelligence

Automation and analytics for distributed robotic systems.

Team Members:
Eric Feuvrier Danziger, CEO | SCS 2015
Matt Clark, CTO
Drew Marschner, COO | SCS 2015

LeanFM Technologies

LeanFM Technologies provides a software solution to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of commercial building operation and maintenance. Built from the patent-pending research projects at CMU, LeanFM utilizes Building Information Modeling technology to integrate building designs, equipment manuals, real-time indoor condition measures and operation and maintenance history. By providing a cloud-based 3D environment, LeanFM enables the facilities operators to easily access, visualize, analyze and exchange building information using multi-platform devices anytime, anywhere.

Team Members:
Pine Liu, Co-founder | CIT 2008, SCS 2009, CIT 2012
Burcu Akinci, Co-founder | Paul Christiano Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering

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Legal Analytics

Legal Analytics is building a smart software solution for law firms to intelligently estimate and track costs for client engagement.

Team Members:
Greg Martin, CEO | Tepper 2014
Aditya Sharma | SCS 2015

Marinus Analytics

Unlocking publicly available evidence to fight crime, specifically human trafficking

The Internet has become a marketing platform for human traffickers to expand their exposure to potential customers and to boost sales, while maintaining presumed anonymity and security of their own geographic location. Marinus Analytics capabilities focus on identifying, tracking and understanding trends and behaviors involving sex trafficking, as evidenced by publicly available data.

Team Members:

Cara Jones | Research Programmer, Robotics Institute
Emily Kennedy, Co-founder | Research Analyst, Robotics Institute
Artur Dubrawski, Co-founder | Senior Systems Scientist and Adjunct Professor, Robotics Institute
Amandine Revol
Lisa Tu | DC 2016

[ N - T ]


Google Docs for music

Nebulus is the only real-time, cross-platform collaboration solution for musicians that works with desktop audio workstations.

Team Members:

Andrew Russell, CTO | CFA 2014
Nick Coronado, Front-End Development | CFA 2016
Hillary Mellin, UX Design | DC 2015


Novel Research-based Intelligent Lifelong Learning Apparatus

NoRILLA is a mixed-reality platform bridging physical and virtual worlds to improve children's learning, understanding and enjoyment of science in a collaborative way (in museum, school or home settings). The system involves both software and hardware components and utilizes computer vision/depth camera sensing to provide immediate personalized feedback while experimenting in the real world. NoRILLA’s research has shown that their system helps children learn approximately 5 times more than a tablet or computer game while also increasing enjoyment.

Team Members:
Nesra Yannier, Founder | SCS 2016



Not everything that goes bump in the night is breast cancer. PalpAid is developing a novel, low-cost technology that will provide women and their primary care clinicians an alternative to invasive, stressful and costly methods of tracking benign breast masses.

Team Members:

Molly Blank, Co-founder | CIT Ph.D. Candidate
Jim Antaki, Co-founder | Professor, Biomedical Engineering


RistCall LLC

Wireless wearable nurse call bell system for healthcare

RistCall LLC helps hospitals and skilled nursing facilities to improve patient safety and satisfaction scores by updating traditional wall-mounted nurse call bell system with wearable devices.

Team Members:

Srinath Vaddepally, Founder & CEO | CIT 2013
Ameya Bhat, VP of Product & Operations | CIT 2013
Yicheng Bai, VP of Product Engineering

[ U - Z ]


Concept. Innovate. Redefine.

VIT applies the Internet of Things Movement and the Quantified-Self Movement into biotechnology, aiming to change an industry lacking consumer-driven designs and functionalities by providing simple, elegant solutions. VIT’s first product, Bracer, is a smart knee brace for a faster, smarter recovery for those suffering from knee injuries/surgeries. Through their combination of aesthetic consumer design and cutting edge research VIT wants to create one of the first mainstream recognized consumer-friendly biotechnology companies.

Team Members:
Andy Chan, Co-founder & CEO | CIT 2015
Connor Young, Co-founder & COO | CIT 2016